Valentine’s Day Wreath


After seeing a heart embellishment in my local craft store that looked like jointed strips of wood, I decided to recreate it with Smoothfoam to put a Valentine’s Day wreath.

Smoothfoam Valentines Day Wreath


Smoothfoam disc (any size)
Plaid Apple Barrel Craft Paint – Barn Red
Burlap ribbon, red gingham ribbon
Grapevine wreath
Artificial ivy
Craft knife
Paint brush
Hot glue gun

draw cut heart smoothfoam1.  Draw or trace a heart in the size you like on to the Smoothfoam disc.

2.  Cut out the heart roughly with a craft knife, so the edges to look like rough-cut wood.

smoothfoam faux wood panel

3.  Use the ruler and the rounded bottom of marker to make indentations in the Smoothfoam to mimic the grooves in planks of wood, then paint the heart.

4.  Layer and wrap burlap and gingham ribbons around the heart as shown.

Smoothfoam faux wood panel heart

5.  Glue the heart to one side of the grapevine wreath, then embellish the rest of the wreath with ivy and more burlap ribbon.


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