Textured and Stenciled Art Panel

Ever since my box of Smoothfoam showed up on my doorstep, I have been wanting to make a piece of wall art with the 12X12 sheets. I have been turning ideas over and over in my head and finally inspiration struck! I have some large stencils meant to create texture on the walls – I was positive I could use the same technique on my Smoothfoam.

stenciled smoothfoam art panel

You will need:

Two 12×12 Smoothfoam Scrapbook Page Mounts
Acrylic paints – medium turquoise, gold, dark turquoise
Drywall texture or molding paste
Glaze medium
Iridescent ink spray
Palette knife, small sponge, paintbrush
Double-sided tape
Craft glue
Lace trim, paper flowers
White paint pen

1.  Adhere the edges of the two sheets together with double-sided tape to create a 12″ x 24″ surface.

2.  Paint the entire surface with two coats of medium turquoise paint, drying between coats. Position your stencil on the surface and spread the paste over the stencil with a palette knife; apply a heavy coat. Remove the stencil and allow to dry overnight.

3.  Apply a 50/50 mixture of glaze and gold paint to the raised stenciled image.  When dry, sponge paint small amounts of dark turquoise to add shadow accents inside and around the image. Use a wet wipe to blend in the color more if needed, let dry.

4.  Spray the entire surface area with iridescent ink; let dry.

5.  If desired, glue lace trim and flowers as shown to frame and embellish your art panel. Add dots with a white paint pen to accent.

texture paste stencil on smoothfoam


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