Halloween Ghosts

smoothfoam halloween ghosts

I have purposely let my front yard grow ragged and weedy so I could have some good cover for Halloween decorations. I think these ghosts will work perfectly for Halloween!

To make these ghosts, you will need the following:

12″x12″ Smoothfoam sheet (1 per pair of ghosts)
12″x12″ paper folded in half
Hot craft knife/tool set
Pencil, black marker
Scissors, bamboo skewers
Black acrylic paint, brushes

ghost templates on smoothfoam sheet

On your craft paper, draw two ghost shapes with the pencil, utilizing the entire paper as much as possible. Cut the ghosts out and arrange on the Smoothfoam sheet. Trace ghosts with a black marker.

cut out ghost shapes from smoothfoam

Attach the cutting blade to your hot tool and set to high. Once hot, use this to cut the ghost shapes from the sheet.

chisel smoothfoam edges with hot knife

Use the hot blade to chisel off the edges, front and back of each ghost. Turn off hot tool and let cool.

smoothfoam ghosts

Draw spooky eyes and mouth with your marker. Check to see if the tool is cool, if so, use a dry cloth to remove the blade and attach a tapered tool. Turn on tool to high.

carve smoothfoam with heat tool

Use the hot tool to remove just some the insides of the spooky eyes and mouth, careful not to burn all the way through. Paint those areas with the black paint. When dry, carefully insert the bamboo skewers at the bottom then decorate your front yard or potted plants.


The Many Faces of Mr. Boo

Smoothfoam halloween ghost decoration

Meet Mr. Boo, my newest Halloween ghost decoration. I had all Mr. Boo’s parts finished when my grandson showed up the other day. I figured I’d let him help me decide which face Mr. Boo should end up with (he likes stuff like that).

To him it was like a game of Mr. Potato Head (alright… we all had fun with it).

The Many Faces of Mr. Boo 2

Angry? Surprised? Confused? Happy? So many looks for one little ghost. And before you say it…yes, he does look a little like a Pac Man Ghost.

Smoothfoam Ghost Parts 9045

To make your own Mr. Boo, you’ll need:

12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Mount
2″ Smoothfoam ball
Hot wire foam cutter or craft knife
Black buttons
Acrylic paints – black, white
Craft glue
Adhesive letters
Black cardstock (optional)


Trace and cut out a ghost shape on the Smoothfoam sheet using the hot wire foam cutter or a craft knife. Cut the 2″ ball in half to use for the eyeballs.

Paint the ghost and eyeballs white. Mix black and white paint together to create light grey then paint it around the edges of the ghost to create a shadow.

Glue buttons on the top of the eyeballs, then glue the eyeballs on the ghost.

Paint black eyebrows and a mouth or cut facial features out of black card stock and glue them on. Glue on the “Boo” letters.

Add a self-adhesive magnet to the back if you have a metal front door, otherwise pin or glue a ribbon loop on the back for hanging.

Ghost in the Graveyard Halloween Decoration

smoothfoam ghost graveyard halloween decoration

Add a little spooky fun to your front door for Halloween!  This little ghost in the graveyard Halloween decoration even gives off an eerie glow at night!


Smoothfoam sheets
Glow-in-the-dark paint
Sheer, lightweight fabric
Acrylic craft paints – grey, white
Black ink pad
Wood dowel, paint brush, serrated knife
Knife, rag/sponge, scissors, black permanent marker
Scotch Command hooks


Trace or draw a headstone shape on Smoothfoam. I used a serrated knife to cut my headstone shape because I wanted the irregular edge it would give – much like real granite or cement.This is a great project for using any Smoothfoam discs or sheets you may have that are slightly damaged – I love the effect of the dings and dents – it looks more like an old creepy gravestone to me thanks to those imperfections!

Use the end of a larger paint brush to impress “RIP” into the top center of headstone. Again – I wanted the irregular, imperfect effect so the texture of the foam shows through.


Paint the headstone and wood dowel grey and let dry.

Use a sponge to apply a very light layer of black ink over entire face of gravestone.  The ink will further enhance the subtle texture of the Smoothfoam itself, and enhance the indentations and imperfect areas, helping to “age” the headstone.


Cut your ghost shapefrom Smoothfoam., slightly smaller than your headstone.

Cut a piece of sheer easy-draping fabric that will fit over the ghost front and back and drape to achieve the desired effect. I cut my fabric to give it ragged edges.


I try to remember to craft with what’s already in my stash (have you read Lisa Fulmer’s book?) but the only sheer fabric I had was pink, and a pink ghost simply would not do.  So I painted the entire piece of fabric with a wash of white paint and a little water. Place it on a cookie sheet so the paint seeps through the sheer fabric and it covers both sides of the fabric in one coat. The paint will also stiffen the fabric slightly so it holds its ghostly shape.

Insert the grey painted dowel into the bottom of your Smoothfoam ghost and place him into a bottle. Drape the wet painted fabric over the ghost, shaping it for your desired effect. Let dry.

Once your ghost is dry, brush the front and sides with glow-in-the-dark paint and let dry.

Give your ghost eyes with a black permanent marker.


Cut your dowel down so about 2” will extend out of the headstone and about 3” will remain inside of headstone when inserted. Insert the ghost into the headstone at an angle.

I used Scotch Command hooks to hang my Halloween decorations as they hold the Smoothfoam in place but can easily be removed at a later date.

Shabby Chic Angel Bride Decoration

Smoothfoam angel bride decoration

Smoothfoam is a great surface with many uses – it’s perfect for making a table decoration for any theme, like this shabby chic angel bride. This angel can be adapted to many other holiday or seasonal themes in addition to bridal or wedding. I think she would be beautiful in Christmas colors; maybe holding a birds nest or something appropriate for the holiday.  Enjoy!

You will need:

6″ x 12″ x 1″ Smoothfoam sheet
6″ Smoothfoam disc
8″ Smoothfoam disc
1/2″ Smoothfoam sheet (any size or scraps)
Hot wire foam cutter (I use Marvy)
Solid cardstock: cream, light peach, pink
Ink pads:  light brown, light pink
Cosmetic wedge sponge
Extra-fine point permanent black marker
Acrylic paints  black, blue, white
Paint brushes
Embossing machine and folders
Hot glue gun, tacky glue
Embellishments:  flowers, yarns, pearl-string, netting (cut in strips)
Ribbons:  1/4″ sheer pink, 1-1/4″ sheer cream


Emboss cream cardstock, then cut circles and strips to glue on the top and edges of each Smoothfoam disc. Ink the edges with light brown and glue the 6″ disc on top of the 8″ disc.

Click here to print my pattern* for the angel bride shapes. Cut out the pattern and trace around the body onto the 1″ Smoothfoam sheet.  Trace the arms and wings on the 1/2″ thick piece of Smoothfoam. Use the hot wire cutter to cut out each shape.

hot wire to cut smoothfoam

Trace around the head and shoulders onto the peach paper, cut out and glue the paper to cover the Smoothfoam.  Outline her facial features with the marker. Paint her eyes blue and her lips pink. Blush the cheeks with the pink ink pad.

Trace around the dress and arms patterns onto the cream cardstock. Cut out and emboss if you would like to have textured pattern as shown in the photo. Glue the paper to the matching Smoothfoam shapes. Distress the edges using the ink and sponge.

Cut out the wings from cream and pink cardstock using the pattern. Glue the layers together, then glue the wings to the angel’s back.

Anchor the angel to the discs with toothpicks and glue.

Glue yarn to her head for hair and trim as needed. Tie a knot in the middle of each strip of netting and glue each knot around her waist until you get the desired fullness. Glue flowers to her head, arms and base as shown.  Further embellish with ribbons and pearlstring until you are happy with the way she looks.

smoothfoam shabby chic angel bride decoration

* My pattern is for your own personal use or gift/donation only. Reselling my design is a copyright violation.

Make Your Own Super-Size Game Dice

DIY supersize smoothfoam game dice

We love to play games when my family gets together and some of our favorite games involve throwing dice. I thought it would be a great idea this summer to play out in the yard with a fun super-size pair of game dice.

5″ Smoothfoam cube
White acrylic paint
Decoupage medium
Paint brush
Black cardstock
1″ circle punch

1.  Paint the Smoothfoam cubes with 2 coats of white, letting dry between coats.
2.  Punch 21 circles from the black cardstock for each cube and glue then to each side like traditional dice (one through six).
3.  Seal each side of the cube with a coat or two of decoupage medium.

Easter Bunny Jelly Bean Jar

easter bunny jelly bean jar

Easter is such a fun time of the year – all of the bright colors, cute bunnies and chicks and, of course, the CANDY is the ultimate inspiration!

I always like to give gifts to my family and friends at Easter – this Easter Bunny Jelly Bean Jar makes a super cute, quick and easy gift for anybody sweet on your list!

Here’s what you need:

4″ Smoothfoam ball
Kunin Eco-Fi Rainbow Classicfelt – White
Americana Paints – Light Buttermilk, Indian Turquoise, Petal Pink, Titanium White and Lamp Black
Wide-mouth mason jar
Fabric scrap and ribbons
Low-temp hot glue gun
Paintbrushes, serrated knife, pencil, scissors, black marker
Jelly beans (of course!)

Cut off the bottom of the ball (opposite the end with the pilot hole) with a serrated knife to create a flat surface.

cut smoothfoam ball serrated knife

Cut out two bunny ears from the white felt (trace a template on cardstock first if needed).

Insert a sharpened pencil into the flat surface of the Smoothfoam ball to use as a handle for painting. Paint the ball and one side of each ear with Light Buttermilk, let dry.

Push the bottom of both bunny ears into the pilot hole at the top of the ball with the pencil.

Paint the nose and cheeks with Petal Pink as shown. Paint the eyes with Indian Turquoise, let dry. Draw the nose outline, muzzle, whiskers and eyebrows with a black marker. Paint the pupils in both eyes with Lamp Black, let dry. Paint a highlight in both pupils with Titanium White, let dry.

Glue the bunny head to the lid of the mason jar. Wrap and tie a bow (made from fabric scrap and ribbons) around the neck of the jar. Fill your Easter jar decoration with jelly beans and give it to your favorite somebunny!

Glittered Bunny Egg

Smoothfoam Glittered Bunny Egg

Are you ready for spring? Warm weather, pretty flowers, sweet little bunnies and Easter eggs. My project today is a sweet glittery little bunny made from a Smoothfoam egg.

You’ll need:

Smoothfoam egg
Smoothfoam Sheet
Craft knife and cutting mat
Sanding block, paintbrush
Small white pompom
Craft glue
Mod Podge
Cream paint
Clear glitter
Small heart brad, brown micro brads
Pink paint pen, fine black marker

1.  Cut two bunny ears from the Smoothfoam sheet and lightly sand the edges of the ears.

2.  Glue the ears on to the Smoothfoam egg as shown.

Glittered Bunny Egg

3.  Paint the bunny cream and let dry, the add pink to the inside of the ears with the marker.

4.  Cover the bunny with a thin coat of Mod Podge and sprinkle with glitter. Glue the pompom at the end for his tail.

5.  Insert micro brads for the eyes and the heart brad (upside down) for the nose. Draw a small mouth with fine black marker.

The difference between Smoothfoam and Styrofoam

smoothfoam versus styrofoamI never really knew just how many creative opportunities I was missing until I started working with craft foam in my projects. It’s such a wonderfully versatile material—the lightweight and bright white surface is a nice alternative to wood, chipboard or paper maché.

The two most common brands of rigid, dimensional craft foam are Smoothfoam™ and Styrofoam™. Both brands are made from polystyrene, but the manufacturing process is different for making each of their sheets, balls and other shapes.

What crafters need to know is how the difference in manufacturing impacts the surface – Smoothfoam (expanded foam – shown at the top above) is smooth and dense, while Styrofoam (extruded foam – bottom) is textured and crunchy.

Both kinds of craft foam can be used interchangeably in many types of projects, however they each also have unique properties that lend themselves better to certain techniques.

stylish foam crafts book lisa fulmerSmooth foam is lovely to paint, distress and heat-carve, and it hugs straight pins and wires tightly. Textured foam is great for dry floral arranging or when you need to easily poke in thicker items like chenille stems, and the texture is nice when you want a crystallized effect.

Both types of craft foam are inexpensive and very lightweight, making them ideal for centerpieces, garlands and wall art.

For more tips, techniques and tutorials, check out my new book, Stylish Craft Foam Projects!

Excerpt reprinted with permission from Fox Chapel Publishing

Winter Igloo

smoothfoam IglooThis igloo is the perfect thing to create in wintry weather and Smoothfoam half-balls make it so easy. This is also a great project for teachers to do with their students to learn more about Arctic animals and how the Inuit people construct their homes.


8″ Smoothfoam half-ball
DecoArt Snow-Tex
Craft knife, palette knife
Orange stick or paintbrush

Cut a door in the half-ball with the craft knife. Cover the half-ball with Snow-Tex using the palette knife. Cut an arch that fits around the door from a scrap of Smoothfoam. You can use a piece of a larger half-ball, a sheet or disc. Another option is to use small blocks and cut them to shape around the door.

Cover the arch with Snow-Tex.  Measure and indent the blocks on the igloo using an orange stick or the end of a paintbrush. Measure the rings first about an inch apart. Then mark off 2″ blocks around the bottom ring.  Work up adding more blocks above the others.

Snowman Door Hanger


It seems like we are on a snowman roll this holiday season here on the Smoothfoam blog!  I am adding to the collection with my Snowman Door Hanger – a festive and cheery change of pace from a traditional wreath!

8″ Smoothfoam half ball
12″ Smoothfoam half ball
1 each – Rainbow ClassicFelt sheets – Orange, Kelly Green
1 yard Rainbow ClassicFelt Red
 (36″ bolt)
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Colortool Spray Paint – Flat White
Pattiewack Pom-Pom Maker
Buttons – jumbo (2); large (2); medium (6)
Golden Molding Paste
Palette knife, pencil, hot knife cutting tool, scissors, ruler
Jumbo craft stem – black
Green variegated yarn
Pink chalk, cotton swab

1.  Overlap the half balls and draw a mark on the 8″ ball and trim away the piece with a hot knife cutting tool. Glue the two half-balls together, holding until set. Let dry completely.

2.  Cover the snowman with molding paste, using a palette knife to create texture and let dry. Spray paint him white and let dry.  TIP: Design Master Colortool brand is safe for craft foam – some spray paints will melt it, so check the label.

molding paste on smoothfoam

3.  Measure and cut a 4″ x 36″ piece of red felt. Tie it around the snowman’s neck, then fringe the ends with scissors. Create rosy cheeks with pink chalk and cotton swab. Thread green yarn through two jumbo buttons, tie in a knot and trim the ends. Glue the buttons, eyes and mouth to the snowman and let dry. Draw and cut two carrot noses from orange felt, glue together, then glue it to his face.


4.  Make two 3″ pom-poms with the Pattiewacks tool and green yarn. Measure and cut two 3″ circles of kelly green felt and hot glue the pom-poms to the circles. Curve a black jumbo craft stem to fit on top of his head and glue the pom-poms to either side.

green pompoms