Grape Garland

Smoothfoam Grape GarlandHang this DIY grape garland on your door to celebrate the harvest. It could also be hung as a swag or used as part of your fall table décor. Learn how to make these fall themed crafts below.


1″ Smoothfoam balls – about 20-30 per bunch
DecoArt Americana acrylic paints – Royal Purple, Napa Red, Kelly Green, Snow White
12″ x 12″ green cardstock
3 yards Panacea Naturally Wired wire
6” wide burlap ribbon – 3 yards
Paintbrush, sponge, sanding block
Hot glue gun
Wire cutters, craft knife

1.  Sand down the seams on the balls and paint them purple. For easier painting, insert bamboo skewer into pilot hole to use as a handle. Put skewers in a large canning jar to dry.

2.  Glue one ball onto the end of a 12” length of wire. Glue the next three balls around the wire above the first. Continue adding rows until the bunch is the desired size. Cut off the sides of balls to fit into spaces if desired.

3.  Add another coat of purple paint to the bunch and let dry, then dry brush it with patches of red. Mix purple with white and dry brush some highlights on each grape.

4.  Cut the sheet of green cardstock into quarters. Fold a quarter in half and tear out a heart shape. Tear away small portions to form a leaf shape. Wrinkle the paper and unfold. Add green paint with sponge or dry brush. Glue a 6” length of wire to the back of the leaf for the stem.

5.  Cut a piece of wire to the desired length for your garland and wire the grapes and leaves along it. Make a loop at the top of the wire for hanging and curl the bottom end. Make a large bow with burlap ribbon and glue the garland to it, pushing the hanging loop to the back of the bow.

Spooky Halloween Cupcake Plate

Gather your friends and have a cupcake this Halloween! This mini cupcake holder is the perfect addition to your party décor and it goes together lickety-split.

DIY Halloween Cupcake plate by Jennifer Priest for Smoothfoam

The beauty of this project is you can make it for any occasion – simply change the colors and motif. Add buttons instead of google eyes with pastel colors for a baby shower cupcake plate or use pom poms instead of the google eyes for a red and green Christmas cupcake plate. How would you customize this cupcake plate for your next celebration?

Gather these supplies:

6″ Smoothfoam disc
8″ Smoothfoam disc
4″ Smoothfoam half-ball
2-1/8″ Smoothfoam ornament
3.5″ Smoothfoam tree
Black self-adhesive PrestoFelt
Westcott non-stick scissors
Glue gun
Foam paint brush
Bamboo skewer
Drill with 1/16″ drill bit
Googly eyes
Acrylic paints: green, orange, black, purple
Glitters: green, orange, black, purple
Heat gun

Drill a hole from the top to the bottom of each Smoothfoam piece. The skewer will be threaded through these holes to keep the cake plate together. Once the holes are drilled, paint each piece of Smoothfoam the color desired and allow to dry.

Paint each piece of Smoothfoam with a second coat of paint – this time, shake on the coordinating color of glitter while the paint is still wet. The paint will act as an adhesive for the glitter. Do this to each piece and then set aside and allow to dry thoroughly. To prevent the glitter from falling into the cupcake later, you can apply a very light coat of spray sealer to the pieces (be sure the label says the sealer is safe for use with craft foam).

After the pieces are dry, thread the half ball onto a bamboo skewer. Press the flat end of the ball onto the table and apply a bit of hot glue to the skewer about 1″ above the top of the half ball. Slide the 8″ Smoothfoam disc onto the skewer. Apply more hot glue to the skewer, about 1″ above the top of the Smoothfoam disc. Thread the Smoothfoam ornament onto the skewer. Apply more hot glue to the skewer, about 1″ above the top of the Smoothfoam ornament and slide the 6″ Smoothfoam disc onto the skewer. Trim the top of the skewer to about 2″ long. Apply hot glue to the remainder of the skewer and thread the Smoothfoam tree onto the top of the skewer.

Touch up any areas of paint and glitter as needed. Cut strips of black adhesive felt into a scalloped border with scissors. Apply the border to the edges of the Smoothfoam dics. Apply a line of hot glue to the top edge of each Smoothfoam disc and apply google eyes to the entire edge of each Smoothfoam disc. Use a heat gun to remove any glue gun strings on the cupcake holder. Add cupcakes and enjoy!

Smoothfoam Halloween CupCake Stand by Jennifer Priest of hydrangeahippo

Word Art

smoothfoam word-mosaic-lisa-fulmer

Smoothfoam makes such a great surface for wall art and plaques. A few months ago, I made this 6″ x 9″ word art piece from a sheet of Smoothfoam and Craft Attitude Inkjet Film. I just used Powerpoint to create the word collage, it was a fun project! This word art sits on my desk and reminds me of all the things I love about being an artist and a crafter. Click here for full instructions and a video tutorial.

Hand-carved dragonfly plaque


One of my favorite visions of summer is the yearly return of dragonflies. There’s a point when the sun is about ready to set behind our woods;  it’s just dark enough as a backdrop to see the dragonfly wings capture the remaining sunlight. You can see them feeding on mosquitoes, dipping and swirling, their wings glistening in the late-day sun. The colors are ever-changing and they are never still, fluttering in the light as long as it lasts.


I‘ve had a fixation on dragonflies since I was a child…my Granny called them “snake doctors.” I used to try to get close enough to see if they really were ministering to puny snakes, but I was too afraid of snakes to get really close. I like to think that my love of them is because their flitting about from here to yonder represents the way some creatives move from one medium to another and back again.

The Southern Hawker is one of the dragonflies with transparent wings, so it picks up color from its surroundings. I can make them any color I like and today I chose greens, blues, golds and purples – my favorite color combinations.

Here’s how I made it:


Two 12” Smoothfoam Scrapbook Mount sheets 
1 sheet Sulky Stick’n Carve 
ColorBox Spritzers Dye Ink:  Glacial Lake, Golf Course, Deep Grape
Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid – Sea Foam Green
12” x 12” sheet patterned cardstock
Smooch Pearlized Accent Inks:  Kiwi, Garpe Soda, Pool, Gold Lamé
PanPastel Artists Pastels:  Turquoise Shade 580.3, Pthalo Green Shade 620.3,Violet Shade, 470.3, Dairylide Yellow 520.3, Bright Yellow Green 680.5
Inka Gold Metallic Pastes:  Jade, Aquamarine, Champagne
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Aleene’s Repositionable Spray Adhesive
The Crafter’s Workshop Dragonfly Harmony stencil
Self-adhesive chipboard nameplate
Dew Drops embellishments
Table top easel for display
Paint brush, baby wipes, craft mat
Iron, old credit card, craft knife with new blade

Trim inside the border to make sure you keep the wings attached to the frame.

1.  Click here to download and print this dragonfly outline on to the sheet of Stick’n Carve. Adhere to one Smoothfoam sheet and cut away the background with the craft knife, leaving the frame with the wings and body attached. My dragonfly wings are approximately 8″ wide. I trimmed the overall sheet down to create 1” border on three sides and a 1-3/4” border at the bottom to accommodate the nameplate.

painted cutout

2.  Remove the Stick’nCarve sheet and paint the Smoothfoam carving with Golden Glazing Liquid (any craft paint you have on hand will also work) and allow to dry. Paint the inside and outside edges of the Smoothfoam carving with Inka Gold – blend the colors as desired to create depth.

3.  Spray the spritz inks on to the carving and blend with a baby wipe. Allow to dry, then intensify the colors around the edges with PanPastels.

Apply Smooch

4.  Paint details on the dragonfly with the Smooch inks and allow to dry thoroughly. Highlight the edges of the carving with Inka Gold.


5.  Paint the chipboard nameplate with Inka Gold. Print out the dragonfly name and adhere it to the backside of the nameplate. Glue the nameplate to the wide portion of the frame. Adhere Dew Drops to cover the holes of the nameplate.

stencil swirls

6.  Use the stencil to apply Color Box Spritzers to the cardstock in colors that will contrast with your colors for the Smoothfoam carving. Put a light coating of Aleene’s Repositionable Adhesive on the back of the stencil. Place it on the cardstock and apply color, moving the stencil as necessary to cover the entire paper. Allow the paper to dry and iron it if it needs smoothing.

Tip:  For a smooth finish, spray the color onto a baby wipe and rub it around with a circular motion. For a more textured background, spritz the color on, then use the wipe in the same circular motion. The Spritzer spray dots and splashes will remain visible.

7.  Spread a thin coat of glue on the back of the second sheet of Smoothfoam with an old credit card. Position the cardstock on the sheet and smooth down. Place a book on top for weight; allow to dry. This sheet will be the background for your carving.

Inka Gold Edges

8.  Paint the edges of the background sheet with Inka Gold, blending colors as desired, allow to dry. Glue the carved dragonfly to the background sheet. When dry, place the finished piece on an easel for display.


Hand-carved “May Flowers” wallhanging


At first glance, this wallhanging might seem like a reminder to pick up a bouquet at the store, but it’s actually the second half of a pair of carved Smoothfoam panels which I made to illustrate the saying “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” You can see last month’s “April Showers” panel here.


For the April panel, I used primary colors and tried to evoke a dreary rainy day with a drippy painted blue sky background. For my May panel, I chose bright secondary colors and added a cork tile as a nice earthy background for the flowers. Try carving one for yourself – you’ll have fun!

12″ x 12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Mount

2 Sulky Stick’n Carve Printable Transfer Sheet
12″ square cork tile – The Board Dudes
Craft paints – light green, medium green, pink, purple, lavender
Paint pens – black, white, green
Hot Wire Foam Factory Hot Knife & Mini-Scroll Table & Engraving Tool

Paint brush
White glue
Picture hanging hook or stand

1.  Click here to download* my artwork. Because the design is too large to fit on a single sheet of Sulky, I tiled it on two pages. Print the artwork on to the Sulky Stick’n Carve Printable Transfer Sheets. Peel off the backing release paper and apply the Sulky sheet pieces to the Smoothfoam block, overlapping to make one continuous design. Trim off the excess transfer sheet.


2.  Use the Hot Knife tool to poke a pilot hole in the Smoothfoam sheet in each area which will be cut out.

3.  Carefully carve out the Smoothfoam sheet with the Mini-Scroll Table. You will need to unthread and insert the wire into each pilot hole to make each interior cut.

4.  Use the Engraving Tool to carve details into the foam including a scalloped border. Peel off the transfer sheets when finished.

5.  Paint the frame of the carving light green. Let dry before dry brushing a light coat of medium green paint in the scalloped areas.

6.  Paint the flowers pink and the large text shapes purple. Let dry. Paint the letters lavender.

May-Flowers-Carved-Wall-Hanging-by-Carmen-Flores-Tanis7. Add details with the paint pen as shown.

8.  Glue the carving to the cork tile and glue a picture hanging hook to the back or display on an easel.

* You are welcome to use my original artwork only for your own use or for a gift/donation. You may not use my designs for items intended for resale.

Twelve Balls of Christmas! Day 11: Tissue decoupage


Welcome to our Christmas Ball
Just for crafters, one and all.
Smoothfoam balls rolled off the shelves
‘Cause we’ve been busy little elves.
We’re bloggin’ balls for twelve days through
To make the season bright for you!

Smoothfoam tissue decoupage ornament

“Christmas is a’coming and the geese are getting fat. Please put a penny in the old man’s hat.”

I don’t know how far that penny will go these days toward getting the old man a cup of coffee, but I do know that using Smoothfoam for Christmas décor is very easy and very economical, especially when you factor in the wonderful shapes (that you don’t have to cut out), the paintable surface (no gesso needed) and the ease of cutting and carving.

This Christmas ornament went together so quickly! The majority of time spent was in waiting for the medium to dry, which I helped along with a tiny desktop fan.

1.  Sand a 4″ Smoothfoam ball to remove the ridge of the center seam and push a skewer into the base to use as a handle.

2.  Crumple and tear purple tissue paper into small pieces. Adhere them with decoupage medium, overlapping the edges and leaving in wrinkles, then brush more medium on top to seal. Continue until the ball is covered. Set aside to dry.

3.  Lightly brush a gold Gelato pigment stick over the ball’s surface, accenting the tissue wrinkles.

4.  Die-cut swirls and snowflakes from gold mylar, then run the shapes through the die-cutting machine again with a texture plate and glue them to the ball with Quick Grip Adhesive.

5.  Tie a fancy bow with purple and gold mesh ribbons and attach it to the top of the ornament with Quick Grip and a couple of pearl-head straight pins. Run a 6″ piece of wire under the bow and twist it into a loop for hanging.

6.  Thread a couple small beads on to an eye pin and attach a crystal charm to the bottom with a jump ring. Dab some glue on the top of the pin and push it up into the bottom of the ball.


No-sew Halloween witch ornament


In October there are ghouls and goblins everywhere, with scary movies and store aisles full of body parts and skeletons! However in my world, Halloween is cute and colorful, like this purple and orange no-sew witch ornament. Trick or treat, this Witchy Poo is kind of sweet!

Smoothfoam Halloween witch


1-7/8″ Smoothfoam egg
Kunin craft felt:  9” x 12” Black Glitter, 12” x 18” Purple Spider, 2” scrap Pumpkin
2 purple 12″ chenille stems
½ yard orange 3/8″ wide ribbon
1/3 yard black/white ½” wide polka-dot ribbon
Small orange button, 3 mini die-cut flowers
Craft paints – Ivory, Blush
Fabri-Tac adhesive
4” Westcott scissors
Fine and medium black markers
Measuring tape, ruler, pencil
3” circle template ruler
Wire cutters
Paint brush

1.  For her head, paint the Smoothfoam egg ivory. After it’s dry, draw her eyes and hair with a marker – the wide end of the egg is her chin. Dry-brush a little blush color on her cheeks.

no-sew witch clothes2.  For her hat, cut out a 3” circle and a 4-¾” x 4” rectangle from the spider-embossed felt. Cut ½” circle out from the center of the 3″ circle to make the hat brim. Fold the rectangle in half to 4” x 2-3/8″ then trim it to a tall triangle for the hat crown.

3.  Cut one chenille piece in half and place the end of one half into the center hole of the hat brim. Glue the hat crown in place over the brim hole and pull the stem through the hole in the brim until the top of the hat folds over. Fold and glue the stem to the underside of the brim and trim off excess. Glue flowers and button to the hat as shown.

4.  Cut a 5” x 8” strip from the same felt for her dress. Glue a piece of orange ribbon along one end of the strip. Cut small slits into the opposite side, ¼” down from the edge, spaced ½” apart. Lace the second half of the chenille stem through slits and pull tight to gather the felt into a neckline. Twist the ends of the stem together and make a hanging loop with the excess in the back. Glue her head to top of gathered felt and glue her hat to the top of her head.

5.  Cut a 4″ square of the purple felt for her sleeves. Fold it in half and trim two folded triangles out of it, glue the seams. Fold the second chenille stem in half to make her arms. Bend and twist each end into small loops for hands. Slip a sleeve on to each end of the chenille and glue the arms/sleeves into place behind her head.

6.  For her shoes, cut two 3” x 4” pieces from the black glitter felt. Click here to download a pattern to trace the shoe shape twice – once for the front of the shoe, then reverse it for the back) on to each piece of felt. Trim out and glue the fronts and backs together so you have the glitter sides facing out. Glue them inside the front edge of the dress.

7.  Tie a small bows with the orange ribbon and glue to the bottom of the dress. Tie a larger bow with the polka dot ribbon and glue under her chin. Cut out a pumpkin from the orange felt and glue it to her hand.

This wee witch is ready to hang from a wreath or mantle. I added her to my HALLOWEEN banner across the fireplace. The punch of color is the perfect contrast to the black and white banner. Add a dowel or skewer inside to insert her into a wreath or Halloween centerpiece.


Halloween treats – haunting bonbons


Happy Fall! I love this time of year, as you can tell. I wanted to bring you a cute, ghoulish treat to make for your Halloween décor. They do look good enough to eat…but make sure the kids leave them on your display!

Smoothfoam Halloween treat


1″ Smoothfoam balls
Small ball-head straight pins
Craft knife
Pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
Craft glue
Paint brush
Paper candy cups

1.  Cut each ball in half, paint each half with a thin coat of craft glue and sprinkle with different colors of glitter to cover; set aside to dry.

2.  Add a sequin to a pin and poke it into the ball – try different patterns and colors of sequins as shown above.

3.  As an alternative to glitter, glue coiled pipe cleaners around a ball half and accent with sequins or googly eyes.

4. To make your faux candy display more fun, add tags to each bonbon with “haunting flavors” like Wicked Warts, Eye Candy, Glittery Slime or Purple People Eater.


Beaded Angel Ornament – by Tracy Johnson


Tracy shared this lovely beaded angel ornament on our Facebook page, and now we want to share it with you. Let us know what you’re making with Smoothfoam so we can feature you next!

Smoothfoam Angel by Tracy Johnson



Smoothfoam angel
3/4″ silver straight pins
Clear seed beads (size 11/0)
Purple beads (size 6/0)
Pink sequins (size 8mm)
Silver ribbon
Craft glue


1.  Put a clear seed bead, a purple bead, then a pink sequin on a straight pin, then push the pin into the angel on the seam, starting at the top (leave a little open space to attach a ribbon later).


2.  Repeat with more beaded pins until one side of the angel is completely covered, then cover the other side the same way.


3.  Fold a 6″ length of ribbon in half to make a loop. Add a little glue in the space you left at the top of the angel, and add some glue to a beaded pin. Pin through the ends of the ribbon into the angel and press the ribbon ends into the glue; allow to dry.