Carved and Painted Holiday Ball


Here’s a fun and modern way to invite the holiday season into your home. I carved the words “JOY TO THE WORLD” around a Smoothfoam ball and then painted it with metallic paints. I used a 6″ ball, but you can use a larger size and make a really dramatic centerpiece. I love this piece so much that I think that I just might leave it on display year round!

6” Smoothfoam ball
Heat carving tool
Metallic paints – silver, dark silver, blue, green, gold
Silver paint pen
Clear acrylic sealer
2″ blue painter’s tape
Sanding stick or sandpaper
Paint brushes, plastic dish, pencil
Short can or small bowl to use as a stand

1. Sand the seam of the Smoothfoam ball as needed to smooth out. Wipe away the dust with a damp paper towel.  TIP: Place the ball on top of a roll of masking tape to keep it steady while you work.


2. Wrap a strip of blue painter’s tape around the center of the ball being careful to align it to the seam line. This will help you to draw a nice even stripe around the ball.


3. Trace the edges of the tape with a pencil. Draw a second line 1/4″ outside each of the two drawn lines to make a nice border. Remove the tape. Write the words “Joy to the World” in the wide area in between the lines. You can use stencils too if you prefer.


4.  Use the heat carving tool to engrave the wording and other details as shown into the foam.


5.  Paint the ball with silver paint. Let dry.


6. Continue painting the ball as shown adding the blue and green paint. Let dry. Smoothfoam-Carved-Holiday-Ball-by-Carmen-Flores-Tanis_step-6

7. Working in sections, brush on dark silver metallic paint and then quickly wipe it away with a paper towel. Paint will remain in the crevices and give you a nice antiqued effect. Brush each of the letters with dark silver paint.

8. Brush gold paint onto the narrow stripes and the star. Scribble on each letter with the silver paint pen to add additional detailing.


9. Brush on  a coat of clear acrylic sealer for shine and protection. Let dry.

10. Display the ball by placing it on the short can or small bowl.

DIY Faux Glass Owl Ornaments

smoothfoam Owl Ornaments I love all the beautiful, European glass ornaments that are on display during the holidays, but I hate how much they cost. And they are breakable, so if you have young children or a pets, spending a lot on a glass ornament can feel like a complete waste of money. But I have a great solution! I created these faux glass ornaments from Smoothfoam owls! Can you believe it? They look delicate and breakable, but they aren’t. Here’s how to make some DIY owl ornaments for yourself.

smoothfoam Owl Ornament


Smoothfoam owls
Metallic paint: green, pearl, cream
Feathers in colors to match the paints
Craft glue
Glitter glue
Small screw eye hooks

smoothfoam faux glass Owl Ornament


Paint each owl with the metallic paint. I used three coats to get a smooth, glass-like effect, allowing it to completely dry between coats.

Glue the feathers on each owl.

Accent the owl’s eyes, beak, and talons with glitter glue.

After the glitter dries completely, twist a hook into the top of the ornament and thread a ribbon thorugh it for hanging.

faux glass smoothfoam Ornament

Rainbow Glitter Snowflakes

Rainbow-Glitter-smoothfoam Snowflakes-JpriestHow about making some rainbow glitter snowflakes for non-traditional home décor? I love the intricate cuts on the Smoothfoam snowflakes and wanted to use them to create a decorative accent for the holidays.

I was inspired by the bright, non-traditional holiday colors of ornaments at a local theme park and decided to embellish these Smoothfoam snowflakes in similar colors with glitter.


Here’s what you’ll need to make this project:


6″ Smoothfoam snowflakes
Glitter in various colors
Aleene’s Repositionable Tacky Spray
Paper plates
ColorBox Color Catcher  (spray booth)
Tag or scrap of paper to scoop glitter
Tombow Xtreme Mounting Putty

HOT-Snowflake-Smoothfoam-JPriest Orange-Pink-Blue-Glitter-Snowflake-Smoothfoam-Jpriest

And here’s how easy it is to make DIY rainbow glitter snowflakes – working outside or in a well-ventilated area, just spray the top of a snowflake with the Tacky Spray, and then sprinkle away! Sprinkle one color on the outside tips, then work in a circular motion to sprinkle additional color(s) until you get to the center. Tap off the excess and let dry.

After I finished adding glitter to the snowflakes, I used the mounting putty to temporarily adhere the snowflakes to my front door as an alternative to a holiday wreath.

Thanks so much for stopping by the Smoothfoam blog today. To see more projects like this, please visit my blog at Just JP.

Decoupage Tissue Paper Ornaments

decoupage smoothfoam christmas ornaments

Smoothfoam ornaments are perfect for holiday gifts. The smooth surface is perfect to paint, sand, decoupage and cut. The possibilities are endless!


3-5/8″ Smoothfoam ornaments
1″ x 6″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheet
Decoupage medium
Mini Dew Drops embellishments
Assorted tissue paper napkins
Sequins, glitter
24-gauge colored floral wire
Decorative bead or jewel
Holiday wire, beading pliers
Foam brush, scissors
Tacky glue
Bamboo skewer, toothpicks

smoothfoam ornaments

Carefully push your bamboo skewers through each ornament as shown.

Your tissue napkins will be 3-ply. Remove one ply and cut your desired design into small triangles and short strips. Always cut more than you think you need so you won’t have to try cutting tissue paper with sticky fingers later.


tissue napkins

Use the foam brush to apply decoupage medium to the ornament, add a tissue piece and paint over it with the medium. Keep repeating these steps until you have covered your ornament.

Poke one end of the toothpick into the ornament and the other end into the Smoothfoam sheet so the ornament can dry upright.

After the ornaments are no longer sticky to touch, glue on your embellishments, glitter, sequins and trims as desired. Once again. prop up the ornament with the toothpick to set.

Measure 12″  of craft wire and fold in half. Thread your bead or jewel so it drops to the end of the wire, twist to secure. Thread a couple of sequins to cover the top and bottom of your ornament.

Push wire up through the bottom of the ornament to the top. Add another sequin, then make a loop with the remaining wire. Wrap the tail of the wire around the base of the loop and snip off excess. beaded ornament dangle

Deck that Hall with a Holiday Ball!

smoothfoam holiday ball

‘Tis the season for spherical delights! Every year we love making ornaments and holiday decorations with Smoothfoam. From the cute little 1/2″ balls to the big giant 12″ balls (ahem), Smoothfoam-in-the-round is the perfect surface for every kind of embellishment. Paint them, glitter them, decoupage them, glue them, pin them, carve them, string them and blog about them – and share your link with us!

Add your own holiday ball projects to our neverending link-up any time you like – we’d love to see how you celebrate all things circular with Smoothfoam!


Candy Apple Ornament

smoothfoam Candy Apple Ornament

These candy apple ornaments make a sweet gift for your favorite sweetie! Of all the handmade holiday gifts out there, I think ornaments are at the top of my list. There’s something about unpacking your ornament box and sifting through your collection, carefully picking each one up, thinking about who gave it to you and where you were in your life, before finally hanging it on the tree.


Smoothfoam Apple
White air-dry polymer clay
Craft paints – red, white
Craft glue
Glitter – red, white
Small hook screw
Red & white striped paper straw

Candy Apple Ornament Close-Up copyInstructions:

1.  Paint the apple red. While the paint is still wet, cover it in red glitter. Set aside to dry.

2.  Following the instructions on the package, roll out a small amount of white clay to about 1/8″ thick to make a  3″ scalloped circle to cover the top of the apple. The edges need not be perfectly shaped.

3.  Glue the clay over the top of the apple while the clay is still moist. Arrange it randomly so it looks like dripping frosting. Dab a bit of glue to the end of the straw and push it through the clay into the pilot hole on the top of the apple. Set aside to dry.

VERY IMPORTANT TIP – I suggest allowing it to air-dry at least 24 hours. The clay may take more or less time to dry depending on your weather conditions. Be sure to use an air-dry clay; do NOT use polymer clay that needs to be baked, as Smoothfoam should never go in the oven.

4.  Paint the dry clay white and sprinkle white or clear glitter on top while the paint is wet. Allow to dry.

5.  Push a small screw hook into the top of the ornament and string a pretty ribbon through it to hang.

Haunted House Halloween Ornaments

Haunted House smoothfoam halloween Ornaments

I have to admit I kind of love the idea of Halloween tree. I mean, who says trees are just for Christmas? These little haunted houses, using Smoothfoam house shapes, are perfect if you have a Halloween tree. Learn how to make this DIY Halloween ornaments below.

smoothfoam Haunted House ornament


Smoothfoam house shapes
Dimensional paints
Black paint
Black glitter paint
Small hooks
Black yarn

smoothfoam Haunted House ornament


Paint the houses however you like, using dimensional, acrylic, and glitter paints. Get creative! Think Halloween-style gingerbread houses!

Allow the paint to dry, then push a small hook into the top of the house. Secure with a dab of craft glue, if desired.

Run string through the hook and hang on a Halloween tree.


DIY Whale Nursery Mobile

Smoothfoam Whale nursery Mobile


Whales are a huge trend right now and they are perfect for a nursery or child’s room. Boys and girls both will love watching the gentle giants swim above their beds. This homemade nursery mobile is a great way to add a personal touch to your child’s bedroom.

Supplies for a DIY Whale Baby Mobile

Smoothfoam airplane shapes
6″ Smoothfoam disc
Acrylic paints – black or gray, plus white (or any color combo you want, go for it)
Fishing wire, long needle
Mini pom poms
Scrapbook paper

smoothfoam airplane shape as whale

Instructions to make a DIY Whale Baby Mobile

1.  Paint the airplane shapes in black or gray (on the top of the plane shape) and white (on the bottom). The Smoothfoam Airplane has a mold line that allows you to do this perfectly without any measuring! Set aside to dry, then paint small eyes on either side.paint smoothfoam airplanes

2.  Thread pom poms and whales onto strings of fishing line with a long, sharp needle. Vary the lengths of the fishing line and make at least 5 strings (3 with whales, 2 with only pom poms.) When threading the whales and poms poms, it’s helpful to knot the fishing line below and above where you want the pom pom or whale to hang to prevent slipping.

3.  Thread strings through the Smoothfoam disc. Make sure you put one string with a whale in the middle and then space the other four evenly around the edge of the disc, with two whale strings opposite one another to help the mobile be balanced.

4.  Cut 4 more pieces of fishing line, measuring 6″ long. Knot one end and then thread one line at the edge of the top of the disc, repeat this evenly around the top of the disc. Imagine a square on top of the disc-you want the line coming out at each corner. Gather and knot all four ends of fishing line together to create a hanger for the mobile.

5.  Cut 1″ strips of scrapbook paper and glue around the edge of the disc to give the homemade nursery mobile a finished look. Ribbon or washi tape could be used instead.

smoothfoam whale nursery mobile

Spring Moss Balls

Smoothfoam Moss Balls home decor

Hi everyone! When spring hits, I feel the need to bring lots of greenery into the house – something to chase the winter blues away! I wanted some color for my mantel, so I came up with these DIY moss balls. I normally keep some candles on these pedestals, but I thought they needed something new for spring. Learn how to make your own faux decorative moss balls today!

3-3/8″ Smoothfoam balls
Tacky glue
Decorator moss
Pearl head pins

make moss balls with smoothfoam

Apply glue fairly generously to the ball in sections, then press the moss into the glue. Don’t worry about bits and pieces sticking out at this point, just make sure you are covering the whole ball.

tacky glue smoothfoam moss ball

Set aside to dry for a few minutes, then trim the shagginess off using some sharp craft scissors.

Smoothfoam Moss Balls

Add  bow to the top, securing with a pearl head pin.

Smoothfoam Moss Balls with ribbon