Beaded Keychain


“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”  —Bill Cosby

My house has been in one stage of repair or another for weeks on end. I had a new door installed with new locks and needed a key chain for them. I found a broken key chain and used the bits from it to make this colorful eye-catching beaded version. The mini Smoothfoam balls make perfect giant beads without adding weight – the bigger the keychain, the less likely we lose our keys!

smoothfoam beaded keychain

You will need:

One 1″ Smoothfoam ball
6″ length of 7-strand beading wire
Two #2 crimp beads
6 round glass beads, 1 teardrop glass bead
Keychain clasp (remove chain)
Acrylic paint
Toothpick, ruler
Knitting needle or awl
Crimping pliers
Wire cutters

1.  Use the knitting needle or awl to punch though the pilot hole of the ball to turn it into a bead.

2.  Push a toothpick into the hole to act as a handle as you paint the ball with 2-3 coats; allow each coat to dry first.

3.  Attach the keyring to the beading wire by threading the wire through a crimping bead, then through the base of the keyring, and then back through the crimp bead again, leaving just a short tail. Use the crimping pliers to secure the bead on the wire and trim off the tail.

4.  Thread on 5 of the glass beads, then the Smoothfoam ball, followed by another glass bead, a crimp bead, and finally the teardrop bead. Push the wire back up through the crimp bead and pull the wire taught. Crimp and trim away excess wire.

TIP:  Smoothfoam will float in water.  So if you need your keys to float, use more Smoothfoam balls and fewer decorative beads. Perfect for summer boat trips!


Make a Travel Sewing Kit with a Pincushion

Summer time is travel time where anything can happen, from a button falling off an outfit to a tote strap coming undone. Store-bought sewing kits often don’t have all the supplies you need – make your own sewing kit from an upcycled tin! The top of the lid is a pincushion and it’s magnetized underneath so you won’t lose your pins and needles. Fill it with emergency buttons and threads, embroidery supplies, or anything else you need for on-the-go sewing!

travel sewing kit pincushion

To make this travel sewing kit, you will need the following:

One 12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Page Mount
Empty gift card or mint tin
Cotton batting
Wide double-stick tape
Floral print fabric – small square
Thin magnet by the sheet
Dew Drops embellishments
Pen, scissors, craft knife
Craft glue, paint brush
Fine pink glitter

I chose to use a gift card tin because the larger size allowed small sewing scissors, but a mint tin will work for small sewing supplies, too!travel sewing kit

1. Trace the lid of your tin onto the cardstock, the Smoothfoam sheet and the magnet sheet. Cut out each shape, using a craft knife for the Smoothfoam.

 miter corner

2.  Cover one side of your Smoothfoam with the double-stick tape. Place some batting on the non-taped side, flip it upside down and position it in the center of your fabric, taped side facing up. Fold the fabric edges up on to the tape, tucking the batting under the Smoothfoam as you pull up the fabric. When you are done, place more tape on your cardstock and position it (sticky side down) on the folded fabric, pressing down to ensure the fabric is secure.

sewing kit upcycled tin

3.  Cover the llid of the tin with tape as shown, cover the sides as well.

embellish travel sewing kit

4.  Place cushion piece, cardstock side down on to the tin lid. Press firmly for a few seconds.

5.  Embellish the sides of the tin lid with Dew Drops.

glitter taped edge of tin

6.  Brush glitter on to the exposed areas of tape.

sewing kit magnet lid

7.  Glue the magnet piece to the inside of the lid. Fill tin with sewing essentials and enjoy!


Quick and easy DIY memo board


I love to be organized. It doesn’t always happen, but I try. I find I’m more organized if there is crafting and cuteness involved, and this quick and easy Smoothfoam memo board fits these requirements perfectly!




12″ x 12″ Smoothfoam Sheet
16″ X 16″ piece of linen fabric
Stapler & staples
12″ x 12″ piece of scrapbook or decorative paper
Hot glue gun

1.  If you want to embellish your memo board, you should do it first. I printed one of my bird illustrations on an iron-on sheet and followed the manufacturer’s instructions to apply it to my linen. You could also appliqué a shape, stitch a few buttons, or use a stencil and paint. Leaving it plain works too!

2.  Lay the foam sheet in the center of the linen square. If you have embellished your linen, check on placement in relation to the sheet.

3.  Pull the linen tightly around the board, stapling it in place as you go.


4.  Once you are done attaching the fabric to the foam sheet, mark two inches on either side of the top of your memo board and staple a ribbon hanger onto the back.

5.  To secure your staples and cover up the messy back, hot glue a piece of scrapbook paper to the back of the board.

Add a package of super cute stick pins and you have a great gift. How about making one for your favorite mom for Mother’s Day? Everyone knows moms need all the help they can get with organization!

Click here to download a hand-illustrated version of this tutorial.


Hanging ribbon organizer


I desperately needed this hanging ribbon organizer! I save ribbons from gift bags and I also buy ribbon by the yard sometimes. I had been dropping all my loose bits of ribbon into a basket, which I thought was pretty organized of me…but it had become totally tangled and unruly and hard to see what I had.

Smoothfoam rods are the perfect solution and it’s easy to add extra rods as your ribbon stash grows…because we really never have enough ribbon, do we?


Smoothfoam hanging ribbon organizer



Smoothfoam 12″ rods
Craft paint
Large flat buttons
24 gauge wire
18 gauge wire
Strong contact adhesive
Round-nose beading pliers
Straight pins

1.  Paint the Smoothfoam rods and set aside to dry overnight.

2.  Create several mini s-hooks from the thicker 18g wire, using the round-nose beading pliers, and set aside.

3.  Cut lengths of chain for hanging at the top and for the left and right sides of the organizer and set aside. I was upcycling miscellaneous lengths of chain from another project, but using just one super long chain folded in half would be easiest to work with.

4.  Fold a 3″ length of the thinner 24g wire and put it through the holes in a button. Twist the ends together, leaving a small loop on top. Repeat for the rest of the buttons. You could also just insert the wire without twisting, but I thought maybe the single thicker twisted wire would hold inside the foam better than 2 thinner smooth wires.

5.  Add some contact adhesive to the bottom of the button and on the twisted wire. Poke the wire into the center of one end of a painted rod and press it down so the button is flush with the foam and the wire loop is still sticking out. Repeat for both ends of all the rods and allow to dry.

6.  Wrap your ribbons around the rod and secure with straight pins. To avoid putting extra pinholes in the ribbon, pull the end of what you wrapped off to the side a bit and put the pin just through the end.

7.  Attach each rod to the chain(s) with the s-hooks. I left space between 3 rods so I can easily hook more rods in between when needed.


Burlap bulletin board and key rack


This DIY burlap bulletin board and key rack is the perfect multi-purpose message center for any household…made with Smoothfoam!

Smoothfoam bulletin board key rack by Marilyn GossettCute little display shelves, a place to pin notes, as well as a handy spot to hang your keys…it has everything you need.

Decorate your DIY bulletin board and key rack with your favorite background fabric, papers and embellishments.


One 12″ square Smoothfoam sheet
Three 3” Smoothfoam cubes
Burlap fabric – 15″ x 15″
Themed scrapbook papers with coordinating die-cuts or stickers
Clear, round Crazy Tackz (pin hooks)
Small sticky note pad
Jute string
1/4″ wide ribbon – 12″ length
Thumb tacks, straight pins
Craft glue
Paper cutter

1.  Wrap and glue the burlap to the Smoothfoam sheet, securing the edges to the back side; place pins in the back to hold burlap in place while the glue dries. Cut the burlap into sections to create a decorative overlapping edges as shown, if desired.

2.  To make a hanger, glue the ends of the ribbon to the back of the Smoothfoam sheet, near the side edges. Secure by gluing a thumbtack into each end, allow to dry.

3.  Cut five 3″ squares from the scrapbook paper and glue them to the sides of one Smoothfoam block, leaving the back side uncovered. Check to make sure the paper design is going in the right direction on each side. Repeat with the remaining blocks.

4.  Adhere a matching die-cut or sticker to each block as shown.

5.  Glue the blocks evenly along the bottom edge of the Smoothfoam sheet. Poke a toothpick from the back into each block to secure.

6.  Glue a pin hook into the bottom of each block, and also on the front of the burlap bulletin board as shown. Use one of these hooks to hang a pen on a ribbon.

7.  Glue some jute string to the back of a small sticky note pad to hang from a pin hook in the center of the burlap message board.

Bulletin board made with Smoothfoam - side view

Personalized desktop calendar

desktop calendar with SmoothfoamI love to create innovative projects…with Smoothfoam, I am able to explore my creative imagination. I bring to you this fabulously embellished and personalized desktop calendar!

The months and days hang on the side of the block so you can easily change the date each day. What a wonderful way to brighten anyone’s desk!


2″ x 4″ x 8″ Smoothfoam block
Prima Engraver Collection – papers and embellishments
Craft glue
Silhouette Cameo (connected to computer)
Stamp pads
Hole punch
Small decorative hooks
Variety of charms, flowers, trims and ephemera
— Check out my Bling Splendor Collection kits for sale!

1.  Glue desired papers in sections on to the top, bottom and sides of the Smoothfoam block, let dry.

2.  Use the Silhouette to create the twelve month titles and glue each title to a piece of cardstock (approx 1-1/2″ x 3-1/2″).

3.  Punch two holes at the top of each month card, then distress the edges with stamp pad. Embellish each card as desired.

4.  Use the Silhouette to create 31 small placard tags, punch a hole at the top of each. Cut out the printed numbers from the paper collection and adhere them as days of the month on each tag.

5.  Distress the edges of the day tags with stamp pad.

6.  Adhere 2 small hooks in position on the left side of the block to fit the holes punched in the month cards. Adhere two more small hooks to the right of the month card hooks to fit two day tags, side by side.

7.  Embellish the block on all sides – personalize it for yourself or for a gift!

TIP:  If you don’t have a Silhouette or other die-cutting system, you can print the month titles from your computer, write them by hand with colorful markers or stamp them. Try packaged die-cuts for the day tags.


Mason jar with pincushion lid

Mason jar with Smoothfoam pin cushion lid


Smoothfoam balls are perfect as pincushions and mason jars are great for storing sewing notions. Make a pair as a Mother’s Day gift!



Wide-mouth mason jar with ring
3” Smoothfoam ball
6″ square piece of fabric
3″ circle piece of felt
Ribbon or fabric strip
Embroidery floss
Craft paints or metal patinas
Straight pins
Hot glue gun
Craft glue
Serrated craft knife

1.  Cut the Smoothfoam ball in half with a serrated knife. Place one half flat on the table and trim down the sides of the ball with the knife until it will slide most of the way through the jar ring. Leave about ¼” of the ball to be on the inside of the ring.

2.  Adhere the fabric square to the ball with craft glue and pin to hold while the glue dries. Glue the felt circle to the bottom.

3.  Paint the mason jar ring with craft paint or metal patina to coordinate with the fabric; allow to dry. Sponge a second color over the top.

4.  Make a bow with ribbon or fabric. Tie the floss through a couple of layered buttons and glue to center of bow, then glue the bow to the mason jar ring with hot glue. A fabric yo-yo makes a cute embellishment too.


National Craft Month – Scrapbook bulletin board

Kessler bulletin board

I made this pretty bulletin board, embellished like a scrapbook page. I love how nicely black, white and neutrals blend together.

Smoothfoam holds pins snugly, so it’s the perfect foundation for this project!

Want a chance to WIN $100 worth of Smoothfoam sheets and shapes? Just leave on comment on this post (click the “replies” link below) and come back to leave a comment on every post in March to enter! That’s up to 31 chances to win…good luck!



12″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheet
DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint – Light Cinnamon
Scrapbook papers
Assorted stickers, tags, ephemera, flowers, ribbons
Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad – Vintage Photo
Paintbrush, sponge
Fine grit sandpaper
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue


1.  Paint the bottom half of Smoothfoam sheet with two coats and allow to dry.
2.  Distress the painted surface of the Smoothfoam to give it a cork-like appearance.
3.  Glue paper to upper half of Smoothfoam, then glue ribbon(s) along the bottom edge of the paper.
4.  Glue on your selection tags, ephemera and flowers…color the edges of tags as desired with stamp pad ink.
5.  Use a sponge with the ink pad to color the edges of the Smoothfoam

National Craft Month: Post-it note cube

post-it cube

Happy National Craft Month – isn’t March a wonderful time of year?

Every day this month, we’ll post a new project that is created with Smoothfoam.

We have loads of inspiration in store for you from our fabulous Creativity Team!

After once again searching for pen and paper to make a note while on the phone, I decided to be proactive and I made myself this adorable desk organizer…a cube to keep my post-its and a pen handy.

I was able to use up some of my favorite paper scraps which made me feel even more virtuous.

Click here for my project instructions to make your own.

Here’s to getting more organized this year!

Want a chance to WIN $100 worth of Smoothfoam sheets and shapes? Just leave on comment on this post (click the “replies” link below) and come back to leave a comment on every post in March to enter! That’s up to 31 chances to win…good luck!