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I know Valentine’s Day has passed, but there’s nothing wrong with year-round hearts. Wouldn’t this little banner be beautiful in a girl’s room, hanging in a window over the top of lace curtains ? I wish I had a little girl to share it with, but it will become part of my Sunday School classroom décor as a reminder to love one another.

Smoothfoam heart banner on lace curtainSupplies

12″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheet
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Glitter – red and iridescent white
Beads in assorted colors and sizes
8 yards clear beading string or 2 lb. test fishing line
Ten 1″ long eye pins
Five 2″ long head pins
Round-nose beading pliers
5 jump rings
Card stock – pink and white
1″ wide heart paper punch
3′ of wide pink grosgrain ribbon
4′ of narrow pink grosgrain ribbon
Puffy heart embellishments
Marvy hot-wire foam cutter (or serrated craft knife)
Skewer, black marker, sand paper, paint brush


1.  Draw five 3-4″ wide hearts on the Smoothfoam sheet with a marker and cut them out. Sand any rough edges. Brush the hearts with white glue and sprinkle glitter to cover – make three with red glitter and two with white iridescent glitter.


Tip:  You can paint the hearts red first to avoid seeing white spaces when you add the red glitter.

2.  Dip eye pins into white glue and press one into the top and bottom of each heart; set aside to dry.

3.  Thread the beads on five pieces of 30” long clear line. Space them out in clusters, three per line in random positions on each line. Tie knots in the line above and below each clusters to keep the beads in place. Thread two small beads on the bottom end of each line and tie to the eye pins of each heart. Secure the knots with a little dab of glue.

4.  For the beaded dangles on the bottom of each heart, thread beads on head pins, make a loop at the top with pliers attach to the bottom eye pin of each heart with a jump ring.

5.  For the strands hanging between each hear, cut four 18” pieces of line. Punch twelve hearts from pink cardstock and 12 from white cardstock. Glue two hearts back-to-back at one end of each line. Thread two or three small beads above the hearts. Attach two more back-to-back hearts about three inches up and add more beads. Repeat once more for three little hearts on each line.

6.  Lay out the wide ribbon. Tie one of the large hearts in the center of the ribbon, and then tie the remaining large hearts on either side, about 5″ apart. Tie the smaller hearts in between. Secure the knots with a drop of glue.

7.  Glue puffy hearts to the top of the large heart strings and tie little bows with the narrow ribbon on to the small heart strings.

Hang in a sunny window and enjoy!


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