Watermelon – A Slice of Summer


Smoothfoam is the perfect material for creating a DIY fake watermelon slice to add a bit of summer to your home décor. The texture of the Smoothfoam looks like real watermelon and your finished slice will look juicy enough to eat! Learn how to make this watermelon decoration below.


Smoothfoam 10” disc
Westcott Craft Self-Healing Cutting Mat
Westcott Craft Titanium Hobby Knife
Westcott Stainless Steel Ruler
DecoArt Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paints – Turf Green, Black Tie
DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints – White Wash, Primary Red, Peony Pink
Paintbrushes, mixing palette or plate

Step 1:  Use the ruler to find center of 10” disc and cut through the Smoothfoam along a center line with craft knife.

Step 2:  Cut a jagged half-circle about 2” long off-center on the flat edge for the bite mark.

Step 3:  Mix 2 parts Primary Red paint with 1 part Peony Pink.  Paint both sides of the slice to approximately 1” from the round edge.  

smoothfoam watermelon

Step 4:  While the red paint is still wet, paint a very light layer of white paint (blended with a little water to create a wash) along the bottom rounded edge of the red area. Gently blend the white paint into the red to create a lighter shade along the edge. 

Step 5:  Paint the outside of the round edge with Turf Green, then paint inside along curved edge approximately 1/8” on both sides.

Step 6:  Mix a small amount of green with the white wash to create a pale green. While the green paint for the rind is still wet, add the pale green in the remaining white space on the curved edge, gently blending with green paint to soften the edge where the two colors meet. Add irregular stripes along outside edge of curve with pale green paint. 

Step 7:  Paint black seeds over the red with a fine-tip brush.

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