Spider Surprise Halloween Candy Dish


Now that it’s October, it’s time to plan those Halloween gatherings! Here is a easy-to-make candy dish that has a spooky surprise inside!


Smoothfoam half-ball
Glass stem candle holder (check your local Dollar Store)
Small plastic spiders
Glittered or realistic-looking medium size spider
Silver acrylic paint
Silver spray paint
Super thick tacky glue

paint smoothfoam half ball

Paint your half-ball with the silver acrylic paint. This may take a few coats to get it really shiny. Let dry in between coats.

Spray paint your candle holder silver, let dry, then glue your bowl to the top of the candle holder. Let the glue completely set before the next step.

Glue the small spiders to the outside of the bowl and candle holder. Glue the medium spider to the inside bottom of the bowl.

smoothfoam halloween candy bowl

Fill with candy and wait for someone to shriek when they think they are going for the last piece of candy but instead they get the spider! Happy Halloween!

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