Snail Planter Thank-You Gift


If you’re enjoying summer and outdoor parties, wouldn’t this little snail planter make a cute centerpiece or a sweet thank-you gift for the party host? You can put silk flowers inside, or a live succulent, or even fill it with candy!

smoothfoam snail Planter centerpiece

You will need:

Smoothfoam balls – one each  6″, 2-1/2″, 1-3/4″, 1-1/2″
Smoothfoam sheet
Americana Acrylic Paints – Sea Breeze, Avocado Dip, Colonial Green, Sand, Snow White, Soft Black, True Red
Empty tuna can, cleaned & dried
Stamp pads – Black, Turquoise
Rubber Stamp – “Thank You”
Mini resin flowers
Pin clip
1″ flower punch
1-1/2″ natural burlap ribbon
Scissors, pouncer
Black fine point marker
Foam cutting tool or a serrated knife
Pencil with new eraser
Paintbrushes – 1″ flat, liner
Wooden skewers, toothpicks
Hot glue gun

1.  Cut a piece off of the 6″ Smoothfoam ball to make a flat top for the snail’s body.

2.  Poke a wooden skewer into each foam ball to use as a handle for painting. Paint the large ball Sea Breeze, and the smaller balls Avocado Dip.  Let dry. If the snail planter will be sitting outside, spray the balls (after you complete all the painting) with a couple coats of acrylic sealer.

3. Paint 1/2″ circles in Sand with the pouncer on the large ball.  Let dry. Paint a white dot to the center of each circle using the pencil eraser. Blend 2 parts water to 1 part Colonial Green and paint a shadow around each circle.

4.  Paint two toothpicks for antennae in Sea Breeze.  Punch out four 1″ flowers and distress the edges with turquoise ink. Push the antennae into the top of the head and glue the top tip between two flowers. Adhere a resin flower to the paper flower.

5.  On the 2-1/2″ ball, paint a white dot for each eye with the pencil eraser; let dry. Add a smaller black dot on top of the white.  Let dry; apply a white highlight. Outline each eye with the black fine point marker.

6:  Mix 3 parts water to a small drop of red paint and paint circles to blush his cheeks. Add a dot of white in the center with a toothpick. Dot on the nose and mouth as shown.

7.  Attach the head and tail to the body as shown with toothpicks and hot glue.

8. Cut and paint a 3″ circle from the Smoothfoam sheet and glue it to the bottom of the snail so it stands up.

9.  To make the planter, wrap and glue the burlap ribbon around the tuna can and glue the can to the flat top of the body.

10.  Stamp “Thanks” on to a rectangle of cardstock and ink the edges. Place the card in a pin clip and stick in into the burlap ribbon.

smoothfoam snail body

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