Smiley Face Graduation Pencil Topper

smoothfoam Smiley Face Graduation Pencil Topper

What every graduate at any age needs – a smiley face graduation pencil topper! And because this little guy’s feeling really special, he needed a bow tie.

Smiley Face Graduation Pencil Topper parts

To make the Smiley Face DIY Pencil Topper you’ll need:

2″ Smoothfoam ball
Sanding block or fine sandpaper
Acrylic paints – yellow and black
Black cardstock or chipboard
Red twine
Black brad
Black gingham ribbon
Craft glue, craft knife, skewer

Lightly sand away the center ridge from the Smoothfoam ball. Cut a small portion off the top of the ball (opposite the pilot hole) with a craft knife for a flat top.

Paint the ball yellow and let dry. Paint the top portion black and then paint the face; let dry.

Use a skewer (or awl or knitting needle) to carefully enlarge the pilot hole at the bottom of the ball, big enough to fit snugly on a pencil top.

Make a small tassel with the red twine. Make a small bow tie with the ribbon and glue it to the front of the pencil, just under the eraser.

To make the mortarboard, cut a 2″ square piece of black cardstock. Punch a small hole in centerand insert the ends of the tassel and brad.

Glue the mortarboard on top of the ball, let dry, then push your Smiley Face Graduate DIY pencil topper on top of a pencil.


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