Shabby Chic Faux Wood Candlesticks

smoothfoam faux wood Candlesticks

You can get the look of turned wood candlesticks easily by stacking Smoothfoam blocks and balls. I think this shabby chic style would look great in other colors too, to fit in with your own holiday décor.


2″ Smoothfoam balls
3” Smoothfoam cubes
4.5” square wood plaques
2″ wood rings
1″ bamboo rings
Acrylic paints – white and gray
Paintbrush, sandpaper, scissors
Tacky glue, wood skewers
Battery-operated votive candles


1.  Cut two balls in half on the seam. Sand the cut edges and seams on the balls to smooth out.

2.  For the short candlestick, push a skewer up through the flat side of the half-ball, then add a bamboo ring, a ball, a ring and the other half ball (round side) as shown. Push the end of the skewer into the center of a cube. Leave the skewer in place to hold while you paint. The assembly is the same for the tall candlestick, just add an extra ball and ring n the center as shown.

3.  Paint the candlestick white, then dry brush with gray to distress. When dry, snip off the tip of the skewer. Paint the wood plaques and rings the same.

4.  Glue the candlestick to a plaque. Glue a wood ring to the top of the candlestick. When the glue is dry, place battery-operated votive candles on top.

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