Quick and Easy Dessert Stands

Dessert Tray stand

As much as I would love to have a bunch of beautiful cake plates and dessert display stands, I just don’t have the storage space available. So what’s a girl who loves a pretty dessert table to do? Why, she makes some dessert stands herself! The best thing is that the stands can be stacked for storage and they take up way less room than a “real” stand would. You can also use different bases for heights and change out the paper to match party’s theme.

You can pick any size Smoothfoam disc you want! Get the 2.25″ to make individual cupcake stands, or go big with the 16″ for a cake. Teacups or bowls work great as a base for your stand; so do crystal candlesticks. Just make sure that your base is wide enough to support the disc size you choose. You don’t want your dessert toppling over at the party!


Smoothfoam disc 
Sturdy object for base
Scrapbook paper
Border punch (optional)
Ribbon (optional)

Dessert Tray II

Place the Smoothfoam disc on the scrapbook paper and trace around it. Cut it out and glue the paper to the disc.

If you want a fancy border, use a border punch to create a unique design on some strips of paper and then glue the border to the side of the disc. Alternately, you could use ribbon to decorate the side. Place the disc on a base of your choice.

– You may want to attach the disc to the base with some repositionable glue to make the stand more secure. Just make sure the glue will come off if you are using a beloved tea cup!

– Be sure to place only wrapped food on the paper base, or add a doily or a cupcake liner. Not all scrapbook papers are food-safe.


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