Party Favors Centerpiece

Planning a wedding or bridal shower? Here’s an idea for party favors that your guests will enjoy! Smoothfoam and Sticky Sticks are perfect partners for this project – the adhesion is strong enough without worrying about the flowers popping off. It also works great for pieces of candy instead of flowers. Try this idea for a baby shower, birthday party, or any holiday gathering…it’s a centerpiece and party favors all in one!

party favors smoothfoam

You will need:

8″ Smoothfoam half-ball (for each)
1 package Sticky Sticks
Americana Decor Chalky Finish paints:  Lace, New Life, plus Crackle Medium
2-1/2″ kraft scalloped chipboard tags with ribbon
Scalloped paper border strips
1-1/4″ dimensional paper die-cut flowers
2″ flat paper die-cut flowers
Rubber stamp sentiment and ink pad
Cardstock – white and a two-sided floral pattern
Chalkboard die-cut label
Craft glue
White fine-point paint marker
Corner paper punch

party favors supplies

1.  Invert the half-ball and poke slots in it using a Sticky Stick – one in the top middle, then make even rows around for whatever number of favors you will have. Paint the outside of the half-ball with New Life (green); let dry.

2.  Apply the Crackle Medium following the manufacturer’s directions, then paint a top coat of the Lace chalk paint; let dry. Glue scalloped paper border around the base.

3.  Paint each of the Sticky Sticks front and back; let dry.

4.  Dry-brush the Lace chalk paint on each chipboard tag to give it a “vintage” look.

5.  Layer and glue pairs of flowers together, small on top of large, then glue to a chipboard tag.  Remove the adhesive strip from a Sticky Sticks and adhere the tag. Repeat for each stick.

6. Stamp the sentiment on the stick as shown.

party favors sticky sticks

7.  For the sign:  Adhere one Sticky Stick to the flat edge of a second stick to make a 10″ length. Cut a small rectangle of cardstock, round the corners, then glue the chalkboard label to the front of the sign and write the names on the label with the white marker.

8.  Insert each finished stick into the base for displaying.

There is a saying that I love—”Whatever the mind can conceive and perceive, it can achieve!”  We would love to hear about your ideas, too – just leave a comment!

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