Painted flower stakes

Hand painted flower decor stakes


We give a lot of plants and flowers as gifts in our family and I always like to add a little something extra. Sure, I could make a handmade greeting card, but why not make something that can be used well after the flowers are gone?

So I decided to create these pretty carved and hand-painted flower stakes. They can be added to a bouquet of flowers, poked into potted plants or you can even use them in the garden. Make them in a variety of colors for a whole bouquet.



Smoothfoam sheet – any size
Foam carving tool
DecoArt Americana Craft Paints
Buttons and twine
Hot glue gun
DecoArt Glamour Dust
Wood skewers

Carve flowers from the SmoothFoam


1.  Sketch flower designs on the Smoothfoam then carve them out.
Tip:  Use a pencil or light-color pen to sketch your flower design. Darker color pen strokes are likely to show through the paint.

2.  Use sandpaper to smooth the edges.

3.  Paint each flower with 2-3 coats of desired color(s), allowing paint to dry between coats. Immediately after applying the last coat of paint, gently sprinkle Glamour Dust over each flower.

4.  Thread twine through button holes and tie a knot. Using hot glue, adhere buttons to the center of each flower.

5.  Insert skewer into bottom of each flower.

Add buttons and sticks



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