National Craft Month: Tropical hibiscus topiary


Who doesn’t love a pretty paper-punched topiary?

Smoothfoam balls hold pins and small dowels firmly without glue, so they’re perfect for this type of project. You can get away with just one coat of paint on Smoothfoam’s surface and have plenty of lovely color peeking out from between the flowers.

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3″ Smoothfoam ball
2” Smoothfoam ball
EK Tools Retro Flower medium punch
Apple Barrel acrylic paint – bright yellow
Elmer’s Craft Bond paper craft glue gel
Westcott 4″ non-stick scissors
– 1-3/4” quilter’s pins (with yellow ball heads)
– Paintbrush
– 2-1/2” terra cotta pot
– Raffia and ribbon
– 1/4” wooden dowel
– Red & green cardstock

1.  Paint 3” ball with 1 coat of paint and the pot with 2-3 coats of paint; let dry.

2.  Punch several dozen flowers from red cardstock.

3.  Gently fold petals of each flower upward and place a pin through the center.

4.  Push flowers with pins into the painted ball to cover the surface.

5.  Cut out 5-7 hearts (approximately 1” – 1-1/2”) from green cardstock and fold each in half. Cut small triangular notches along outer edge of each folded heart.

6.  Glue leaves behind the flowers on the topiary in desired spots.

7.  Glue ribbon around the top band of the painted pot, then pin a flower to a cluster of 3 leaves and bend the pin down in the back and glue to the ribbon.


8.  Wrap an 8” length of dowel with raffia and push it into the 2″ ball, then place in pot. Add some glue around the edges of the ball if necessary to stabilize.

9.  Gently press the topiary ball on to the top of the dowel and add raffia to cover the ball in the pot.

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