National Craft Month: Sleepy birdie


With the arrival of spring comes longer days and Daylight Savings Time.

It’s believed that Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea in 1784 to gain use of the early morning hours and save on candles.

During the 1st World War in 1916, it was adopted by the US and several other countries to save the extra fuel energy for the war effort. Today over seventy countries have adopted DST.

Losing an hour as the clocks are turned ahead results in sleepy mornings for many people. This plump, sleepy bird is meant to bring a smile to those “I don’t want to get out of bed” mornings!

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3” Smoothfoam ball
Yellow and orange craft felt -one  9” x 12” piece each
White and blue craft felt scraps
10” square – fabric A (nightcap)
4” x 10” piece – fabric B (cap trim)
1 chenille stem
Black, green, yellow embroidery floss and needle
1” green button
Fabri-Tac adhesive
8” Westcott scissors
Measuring tape, ruler, pencil

QuartermainBirdHow11.  Click here to print out bird pattern pieces to trace and cut from felt. Cut 4 oval body pieces (orange), 4 wings, 2 hearts for feet and 1 beak (yellow). Trim a small circle from the blue felt and a slightly larger circle from the white felt.

2.  Align the two body pieces together and cross stitch a seam with green floss. Stitch third body piece to the first two, then stitch fourth piece to opposite side.

3.  Make two ½” eye stitches with black floss, then position the beak and stitch with yellow floss. Sew the wing pieces and feet pieces together with blanket stitch in yellow floss.

4.  Wrap the felt body over the Smoothfoam ball and stitch a final seam. Glue wings and feet in place.

5.  To make his nightcap, fold 10” square (fabric A) in half and cut an arched line from the outer corners up to the top, then unfold flat. Fold and press both edges of the strip (fabric B) to create a finished, folded cap band.


6.  Glue the cap band to the bottom of the cap fabric. Fold in half and glue the arched edge of the cap closed. Sew a button to tip of the cap and allow to dry.

7.  Glue the nightcap on to the bird’s head, fold the tip forward and glue the button to the band as shown in photo.

8.  Layer the blue circle on top of the white circle of felt and stitch around edge with yellow floss to make the clock. Make two straight black stitches for clock arms. Glue clock to wing.

This little birdie can easily be adapted for many occasions….for Christmas, add a scarf. Try baby fabrics to make a mobile. With the Smoothfoam 6-pack of balls and a variety of felt, you can create a whole flock!


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