Mini Robot


My sweet little nephew Alex just turned one. Since his birthday party was a robot theme, I decided to make a mini robot (4″ tall) to decorate his present. Keep in mind this is not a suitable toy for a small child, just a super cute decoration for the grown-ups to admire!

mini robot smoothfoam


2″ x 4″ x 8″ Smoothfoam block
Hotwire Foam Cutter
Silver craft paint
Craft glue
Letter stickers
Googly eyes
Pearl-head straight pins
Bamboo skewer

1.  Trim out 6 pieces from the Smoothfoam block with the wire cutter as shown for a body, head, arms and feet. Paint all pieces silver and let dry.

2.  Paint a wood skewer silver and cut into two pieces for the legs. Insert between the body and feet with a few drops of glue to secure.

3.  Glue the head and arms to the body.

4.  Adhere the eyes to the head, and a letter sticker for the child’s first name to the body. Place the letter “I” sideways on the head to create the robot’s mouth.

5.  Push two pearl-head pins into the top of the head for antennae, each secured with a drop of glue.


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