Mason jar flower topiary


To honor fall, my favorite season, I created this mason jar topiary that’s covered with small paper flowers, reminiscent of a chrysanthemum in full bloom. This fake flower topiary is the perfect no-fuss centerpiece.

Obermeyer Fall Topiary



– 6″ Smoothfoam ball
– Double-sided patterned cardstock (I used Halloween themes from My Mind’s Eye)
– Fiskars extra large scalloped circle lever punch
– Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue
– Orange acrylic paint
– Sponge brush
– 12″ dowel (1/2″ diameter)
– Twine
– River pebbles
– Scissors
– Mason jar (quart size)
– Large knitting needle or screwdriver


1.  Paint the Smoothfoam ball orange and set aside to dry.

2.  Punch approximately 560 scalloped circles out of the paper to make enough flowers to cover the ball.

3.  To make one flower, glue 4 circles together to form the base. Add small dots of glue to the center of the first three, stick together and add the fourth on top. Allow to dry thoroughly.

4.  Make a small snip with the scissors at each indentation on the scalloped circle to form petals.  Fold petals toward the center. Repeat for each flower.

Paper flowers for Smoothfoam topiary

5.  Place one end of the twine onto a dab of glue on one end of the dowel. Wind the twine tightly around the dowel, leaving 2″ uncovered at the end. Trim off the excess and add more glue to the end of the twine to secure; allow to dry.

6.  Glue flowers all over the painted Smoothfoam ball, leaving a space open at the bottom to insert the dowel.  TIP – To keep the ball from rolling all over your work table, place it on top of the mason jar lid to hold it steady as you glue.

7.  Once all the flowers are dry, poke a starter hole in the bottom of the ball with a screwdriver or large knitting needle, then push the uncovered end of dowel into the ball.

8.  Embellish the lip of the mason jar by gluing twine around it and let dry.

9.  Hold the dowel and ball inside the jar as you pour in the river pebbles.

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