Lollilop Flower

smoothfoam lollipop flower

As summer comes to an end, I see the last of the flowers coming up. A friend of mine asked me for a kid-friendly flower project, so I thought using Smoothfoam to make this lollipop flower was the perfect idea! The kids LOVED it – it was fun and easy to make. Ages 3 and up can do this with help!


10″ Smoothfoam disc
6″ Smoothfoam disc
12″ Smoothfoam rod
2″ X 4″ X 4″ Smoothfoam block
3/4″ Smoothfoam balls
Acrylic craft paints: red, orange, yellow, dark green, light green, bronze
Craft glue, wood skewer, toothpicks
Chunky white frost glitter

I started by painting all of the Smoothfoam – the block is bronze, the rod is two blended shades of green, and the discs/balls are blended with red, orange and yellow. To make it more fun for the kids, I put two colors of paint in a plastic bag and just squished the 3/4″ balls around inside until coated. Set aside on a paper towel to dry.

While the two discs are still damp with paint, sprinkle on the glitter.

glittered smoothfoam discs

Once all is dry, layer and glue the two discs together. For the base and flower stem, glue the rod to block – for extra security, I used a long skewer to hold the two elements together, inserted from the bottom of the block. Use toothpicks and glue to attach the stem to the back of the flower. Glue a few metal washers or coins to the bottom of the block if needed to weight the flower so it stands straight and balanced.

Glue the balls to the outer rim of the larger disc to make “petals!”

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