Ladybug family for your garden


Spring has officially sprung (well maybe), so I created this cute ladybug family – mama and baby – to keep my flowers company in the garden! It’s a quick and easy project that can completed in an afternoon, and will make you smile each time you look at them.



12″ Smoothfoam half-ball
8″ Smoothfoam half-ball
Two 1-1/2″ Smoothfoam balls
Two 1″ Smoothfoam balls
Americana Paints – Country Red and Lamp Black
Americana Spray Sealer – matte finish
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
2 pairs of small black buttons
2 pairs small white buttons (slightly larger)
Several medium black buttons
18 gauge wire – two 10″ lengths and two 8″ lengths
Ruler, pencil, wire cutters
Paint brushes – 1″ Wash and #4 Round

1.  Paint both half balls with Country Red, let dry.  Paint the four small balls with Lamp Black, let dry. Apply a second coat if necessary.


2.  Draw the head and wing lines on both ladybugs and fill in with Lamp Black paint, let dry. Apply another coat if necessary. Stack a small black and white button together for each eye and glue to the face as shown above.


3.  Insert the 8″ pieces of wire into the smaller balls for the baby’s antennae; repeat with the 10″ wires for the mama ladybug. Poke the antennae into the top of each ladybug. If desired, you can secure the wires inside the Smoothfoam by dipping the wire into a bit of glue before inserting.

4.  Glue the other buttons to each ladybug’s body.

5.  In a well-ventilated area, spray several light coats of sealer to both ladybugs. This will seal the Smoothfoam, so it can be displayed outdoors.

Tuck your ladybugs in to your garden and ENJOY!


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