How to display crochet mandalas

crocheted Mandala

Crochet is my passion. I am rarely seen without “my work” as my Gam called it. These days my focus is on mandalas. You may read more about this art on my blog. I’ve been making up patterns of my own, as well as learning from other designers’ patterns.  I’ve accumulated well over 60 of these circular crochet wonders.

crochet mandala displayHow to show them off to their best advantage has been eluding me for weeks. I tried hanging them on the wall with just a simple nail, but the textiles eventually pulled out of shape with the force of gravity. I will be showing my crochet mandalas at various galleries around the country, so I need them to stay in good shape. I wanted them to stand away a bit from the wall, to give them more presence.

smoothfoam discs to display mandala


Smoothfoam discs are the perfect solution! They are inexpensive, lightweight (a consideration to take into account when packing and shipping) and easy to use.

After I blocked my crochet mandala, I pinned it to the disc with evenly-spaced ball-head straight pins. For a hanger, I just bent a paper clip into a U-shape and pushed the ends into the top of the disc.

Done! So simple and yet so effective. Try using Smoothfoam discs or sheets to display any fiber art, textiles, embroidery or cross-stitch samplers.


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