Favorite Herbs – Mixed Media Wallhanging


smoothfoam mixed media wallhangingSummer is almost here…well, it’s actually pretty hot here in Tennessee already. I’ve been working in my yard, discovering how things have multiplied and moving plants that came up where they shouldn’t have.

One of the nice surprises was that my sage and basil herb plants weathered very well over the winter. And the mint…what can you say about mint except that you can’t kill it.

I decided to do a little homage to these hardy plants with a mixed media wallhanging for my kitchen. Smoothfoam made it quick, simple and very easy.



1″ thick Smoothfoam sheets:  three 8″ squares plus three 6″ squares
3 sheets 12″x12″ newsprint
Craft glue
Craft paints – sage green and cream
Patterned cardstock cut to 5-3/4″ x 6-3/4″ (3 pcs); 6″ x 6″ (3 pcs); 8″ x 8″ (3 pcs)
Two 3-yard lengths string
Double-stick tape – 1/2″ wide and 1″ wide
Ink pads (I used Peeled Paint, Tea Dye and Rusty Hinge from Ranger)
Alphabet stamps
KellyCraft Get-It-Straight Laser Square and Multi-Mat Docking Station
Craft foam adhesive



Mix craft glue 50/50 with water. Brush this mixture onto the 8″ squares of Smoothfoam.

Crumple the newsprint into three balls, then smooth out each sheet and decoupage it to each square.

Brush the glue inside the edges of the paper and wrap the sides, bringing the excess paper around to the back of the square. Repeat with the additional two pieces of 8″ Smoothfoam and set aside to dry.


decoupage newsprint to smoothfoam sheets

When the 8″ decoupaged squares have dried, paint the front, sides and back with cream.

Paint the 6″ squares with sage green and set aside to dry.

Click here to download a low-res PDF of the three herb images and print out on 3 sheets of plain copy paper (one herb per sheet). Line up a 5-3/4″ piece of card stock along the line above the herb and tape the edge securely. Run this layered sheet back through the printer so the herb prints again in position on the card stock. Remove the card stock from the copy paper and trim 1″ off the top so it’s square. Repeat for the other two herbs.

print herbs on paperherb images printed on patterned cardstockPlace the printed card stock on the Laser Square Multi-Mat. Position the laser line along the bottom of the paper and use it to line up the letters below each herb and stamp them in place.

using Kellycraft Laser Square multi mat
stamping herb namesInk the edges of each printed card, then adhere to center of a 6″ piece of cardstock with 1/2″ double-stick tape. Ink the edges of the 6″ Smoothfoam and then glue the matted image to the front.

Ink the edges of the 8″ Smoothfoam squares and use craft foam glue to adhere the 6″ Smoothfoam squares on top of each.

Place strips of 1″ double-stick tape on the back sides of each 8″ Smoothfoam square. Lay them all face down in the order you like at 1″ apart.

Place a length of string on the tape on each side, leaving the excess string at the top, tying it into a knot, then a bow for hanging.Smoothfoam string Cwindham

Position the 8″ cardstock squares on the back of each Smoothfoam sheet to secure the string.

Smoothfoam project back Cwindham


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