Heat-carved Smoothfoam flowers


Nothing announces the beginning of spring quite like the scent of daffodils, the lush beauty of purple and white thrift and giant blossoms swaying in the breeze…wait a minute..the best giant blossoms at the beginning of spring are made from Smoothfoam and they’re available all year long!

smoothfoam flower bouquet

I gave these heat-carved foam flowers an antique look because that’s my style. If you want a brighter colored bouquet, just leave off the antiquing step. Use this heat-carving technique to make new flowers for each season. I’m going to place these in my guest room to bring a cheery welcome our visitors who are coming in a couple of weeks. I know they will love them! Browse our blog for other spring flower crafts!


Smoothfoam 12″ square sheet
Smoothfoam block (large enough to pack the base of your container)
Craft paint, assorted colors
Acrylic paint, Burnt Sienna (for antiquing step)
6 large buttons
3 yards string, jute or twine – cut into 18” lengths
Floral wire
6 wood skewers
Ink pads
Glue dots
Flower stamp
Basket and filler
Ribbon, 18″ lengths of two colors
Fine point marker
Wire cutters, scissors, foam cutter or heat tool
Small hole punch

1.  Draw flowers (three large, three small) on the Smoothfoam square. Cut them out and use the heat tool to make indentations in each leaf, beginning at the center and going toward the end of each petal. Paint both sides of each flower and set aside to dry.

heat carving smoothfoam flowers

2.  Coil 18” of coated floral wire around a 2-3” cylinder to make each coil. Strip off the cover 2” from one end of each piece. Attach a skewer, point down, to the base of each coil with plain floral wire.

jute and wire coils

3.  Apply Burnt Sienna acrylic paint to each flower. Quickly remove most of the paint with a paper towel, leaving a little paint in the crevices. When dry, tie a piece of string through each button and attach to the flower centers with glue dots.

antiquing with burnt sienna paint

4.  Insert the uncovered portion of the coil into the heat-carved foam flowers.

assemble smoothfoam flowers

5.  Pack the inside of the basket with a Smoothfoam block, broken up into pieces to fit the contours. Insert each flower into the Smoothfoam and cover the base with filler. Stretch or compress the springs until the flowers are arranged the way you want them.

6.  Trim out a tag and sponge color on the edges with the ink pad. Stamp with a flower stamp all around the outside and add a sentiment. Punch holes and thread both ribbons through. Tie the tag on the basket handle.

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