Hanging Flower Topiary


I’m getting ready for a baby shower next month so I’m busy making lots of fun decorations. For my entryway, I decided to make a hanging flower topiary using a Smoothfoam 8″ half-ball.

Smoothfoam topiary

This is the view from below, looking up toward the ceiling. I have tied it to the light fixture in the entryway.


Smoothfoam 8″ half-ball
Sheet moss
Corsage pins
Paper flowers

Smoothfoam topiary flowers

Secure moss with corsage pins to cover the ball, then pin in the flowers.

smoothfoam topiary bow

Cut three 18″ lengths of ribbon and attach at even intervals around the outer edge of the half-ball for hanging. Add small bows on top of each hanging ribbon, and attach a larger bow on the center of the ball.


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