Hair Clip Organizer

Hair Clip Organizer

What are little girls made of? I’m convinced they are made of accessories. And as a Mama, I’m constantly trying to find ways to organize and tame the onslaught of hair accessories that seem to take over the house.

Here’s a quick and easy hair clip organizer that might help you get all those hair clips under control. If you want to hang it, just pin or glue a loop of ribbon to the back. Alternately, you can lean it against the wall on the bathroom counter or bedroom dresser – I’ve found this allows my young daughter to reach it more easily to add her hair clips.


12” Smoothfoam Scrapbook Page Mount
14” square of fabric
Three 14” lengths of ribbon
Craft glue

1.  Lay the fabric square, right side down, on your work surface and place the Smoothfoam sheet in the middle of it.

2.  Fold the edges of the fabric over the edges of the Smoothfoam and glue in place. Make sure you pull the fabric tight as you wrap it. Set aside to dry.

3.  Place one ribbon in the center and one on each side of it, about 4” apart. Pull the ribbons over to the back of the sheet and glue in place. Allow to dry. Now just clip your clips on to the ribbons!

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