Glue-Resist Spider Web

smoothfoam spider web halloween decoration

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s a chance to be mysterious and a little scary. I love the decorating part more than the dress-up part! Last year I turned half my garage into a haunted house for the trick-or-treaters. It was simple with few effects, yet dark and unknown to the kids and adults. It was a hit! Since then I have been dreaming up new ideas and props, like this spider web idea – enjoy!


Any size Smoothfoam disc
Tacky glue
Black acrylic paint
Baby wipes or damp paper towels
Small paintbrushes, foam brush
Rubber spider
Straight pin, ruler

Processed with Moldiv

Use your ruler to press line indents into your disk creating even pie shapes. Cover those indents with thick lines of glue. Starting at the outer edge of the disk, draw the webbing detail in glue, working around toward the center. You can find spider web images online for reference. Let glue set until it is no longer soft and sticky. The tacky glue seems to work best as you want a ‘raised’ web when dry. Other glues either dry to a flat finish or remain sticky, and a hot glue gun could melt the Smoothfoam. When ready, paint the entire surface black.

Processed with Moldiv

Working quickly before the paint can fully dry, use the wet wipes to pull some of the black off the dried glue. Next, fill in the background with the paint and smaller brushes. When dry, push the straight pin through the rubber spider and attach onto the spider web. Display on a bookshelf, wall or in a haunted house! A black light will make the web glow ever so spookily!


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