Felt Heart Topiary

2015-01 Felt Heart Garland by Jennifer Priest 5

For Valentine’s Day décor, I created a fun felt garland for my mantle. The garland was cute but my mantle needed something more…

2015-01 Felt Heart Garland and Heart Trees by Jennifer Priest 2I created these mini heart-shaped topiaries using the leftover hearts from my felt project and Smoothfoam half-balls as the bases. I covered the Smoothfoam with paper flowers, but you can use buttons, sequins, or even glitter to cover the bases. Smoothfoam half-balls make great bases for all kinds of home and party décor projects – I hope this Valentine topiary craft inspires you to decorate your mantle creatively this February!


3-1/4″ Smoothfoam half-balls
4-1/2″ Smoothfoam half-balls
Paper flowers
Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Craft Paint
Paint brush
Washi tape, assorted colors
Bamboo skewers, 1 per topiary
Ribbons & trims
Hot glue gun
Felt hearts, 2 per topiary
Sewing machine

Here’s how to create this Valentine topiary craft project:


1.  Lay the two felt hearts face to face, matching the edges together. Sew a straight line down the middle, bisecting the hearts. Set aside.

2.  Insert a bamboo skewer into the round end of the Smoothfoam half-ball, perpendicular to the flat side of the ball. Trim with wire cutters if the skewer is too long.

3.  Paint the base and skewer with acrylic craft paint. Allow to dry.

4.  Open the flaps of the heart and apply a bead of glue into one of the folds. Press the skewer into the bead of glue and allow to dry.

5.  Wrap the rest of the skewer in washi tape if desired.

6.  Glue flowers to cover the Smoothfoam ball base.

7.  Tie ribbons and trims to the skewers at the base of each heart.

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