Every home needs a gnome


Remember the little gnome home I made last month? Here’s how you can make a cute little gnome to take up residence!

Smoothfoam Gnome Home


1″ Smoothfoam ball
Two 3” Smoothfoam eggs
DecoArt Americana paints – Tan, Milk Chocolate
Scraps of craft foam, burlap, paper towel and felt
Two 1-1/2″ tear-drop shape wood cut-outs
Cotton ball
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Paintbrush, craft stick, toothpick
Serrated craft knife, scissors, 1/4″ hole punch
Black felt-tip pen, white pen

Smoothfoam Gnome

1.  Trim off the bottom of the ball and both ends of the eggs. Glue the large ends of the eggs together for his body and glue the ball to the top for his head. Sand or trim the bottom of the gnome as needed so that he stands up straight.

2.  Paint his head Tan and his body Milk Chocolate; let dry.

3.  Wrap a burlap rectangle around the body, trim to fit and glue in place.  Turn down the top edge for a collar.

4.  Cut two arms from craft foam using a craft stick for a pattern. Wrap a scrap of paper towel around the arms for sleeves, trim to fit and glue just under the collar to secure. Dab each sleeve with both paint colors; let dry.

5.  Glue the arms to the body as shown. Cut pointy ears from craft foam and glue them to the head.

6.  Use the wood teardrop to trace and cut four pieces of burlap for shoes.
TIP:  If you can’t find teardrop shapes in the wood craft aisle of your local craft store, try cutting them out of a wood heart shape.

7.  Glue a pair of burlap pieces to the teardrops, then glue the teardrops to bottom of body. Glue the second set of burlap pieces to the tips of the shoes first and extend the flaps up on to the body as shown.

8.  Draw his eyes as shown with the black and white pens. Pull apart a cotton ball and glue bits to his face for a beard, hair and mustache. Punch a dot from tan and red craft foam.  Cut each dot in half and glue one half to the face for his nose (tan) and mouth (red).

9.  Fold a glue a cone shape from a half-circle of burlap to make his hat and glue it to his head. Cut a strip of felt for his belt, glue it around his body and glue a button in front for a buckle.


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