DIY Whale Nursery Mobile

Smoothfoam Whale nursery Mobile


Whales are a huge trend right now and they are perfect for a nursery or child’s room. Boys and girls both will love watching the gentle giants swim above their beds. This homemade nursery mobile is a great way to add a personal touch to your child’s bedroom.

Supplies for a DIY Whale Baby Mobile

Smoothfoam airplane shapes
6″ Smoothfoam disc
Acrylic paints – black or gray, plus white (or any color combo you want, go for it)
Fishing wire, long needle
Mini pom poms
Scrapbook paper

smoothfoam airplane shape as whale

Instructions to make a DIY Whale Baby Mobile

1.  Paint the airplane shapes in black or gray (on the top of the plane shape) and white (on the bottom). The Smoothfoam Airplane has a mold line that allows you to do this perfectly without any measuring! Set aside to dry, then paint small eyes on either side.paint smoothfoam airplanes

2.  Thread pom poms and whales onto strings of fishing line with a long, sharp needle. Vary the lengths of the fishing line and make at least 5 strings (3 with whales, 2 with only pom poms.) When threading the whales and poms poms, it’s helpful to knot the fishing line below and above where you want the pom pom or whale to hang to prevent slipping.

3.  Thread strings through the Smoothfoam disc. Make sure you put one string with a whale in the middle and then space the other four evenly around the edge of the disc, with two whale strings opposite one another to help the mobile be balanced.

4.  Cut 4 more pieces of fishing line, measuring 6″ long. Knot one end and then thread one line at the edge of the top of the disc, repeat this evenly around the top of the disc. Imagine a square on top of the disc-you want the line coming out at each corner. Gather and knot all four ends of fishing line together to create a hanger for the mobile.

5.  Cut 1″ strips of scrapbook paper and glue around the edge of the disc to give the homemade nursery mobile a finished look. Ribbon or washi tape could be used instead.

smoothfoam whale nursery mobile

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