DIY Baby Shower Centerpieces


My sister recently threw a baby shower for a friend. It turned into a HUGE project and she enlisted my help, being that I’m the “crafty one” in the family. Smart lady…

The theme of the shower was “bath time,” which was adorable! My sister made blue gelatin cups with rubber duckies on top, blue punch with more rubber duckies floating on top, and other baby bath touches throughout the party. My sister gave me an assignment for the bath time baby shower décor – create a bath time-themed centerpiece that included bubbles and rubber duckies.

Thank goodness for Smoothfoam! I created these DIY baby shower centerpieces using various sizes of Smoothfoam balls to create “bubbles” floating above a baby bathtub that I made from a Smoothfoam half-ball. The mom-to-be loved the theme of the shower and had a wonderful time! Next time you need party décor, consider Smoothfoam. Really, the possibilities are endless!

Bathtime Baby Shower Centerpiece


Smoothfoam balls
Smoothfam half-ball
Baby blue spray paint
Baby blue tulle
Mini rubber duckies
Hot glue
Bamboo skewers
Craft knife


1.  Use a craft knife to shave a piece off the bottom of a Smoothfoam half-ball to make it flat so the ball will sit on a tabletop without rolling.

2.  Attach Smoothfoam balls, between 1″ to 4″ diameters, to bamboo skewers adding a dab of hot glue to the end of the skewer before inserting it into the ball. Insert the other end of each skewer into the half-ball, filling the Half Ball as shown.

3.  Spray blue spray paint over random sections of the centerpiece and allow to dry.

4.  Cut pieces of blue tulle and insert into the spaces between the “bubbles.” Secure with hot glue if desired.

5.  Add rubber duckies to accent, securing with hot glue.

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