Christmas Snowman Ornament

smoothfoam snowmen ornament

I personally don’t think that it’s ever too early to begin Christmas crafting!  I Love this sparkly and glam stacked snowman trio and I think I am going to give these as gifts this year – can’t wait to see how good they look hanging on the tree, in a doorway or as part of a wreath.

Three 3″ Smoothfoam balls
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Glamour Dust glitter
1/2″ Ranger Wonder Tape
Skewers, scissors, paintbrush, paper plate
Seed beads and glitter – black and orange
Blush, cotton swab, parchment paper
White satin ribbon, straight pin
White feather boa

1.  Insert a skewer into each ball as a handle and paint them with Tacky Glue, then sprinkle Glamour Dust all over the ball, pressing with a piece of parchment paper to secure the glitter. Place the skewered ball in a water glass to dry.

2.  Place the orange seed beads on a paper plate. Cut a 4″ length of Wonder Tape and press the sticky side into the seed beads. Sprinkle orange glitter over the seed beads on the tape to fill in the empty spaces. Cut out three carrot shapes from the tape for the snowmen’s noses. Peel back the tape’s liner and apply to the front of each ball.

3.  Add blush with a cotton swab to each snowman’s cheeks.

4.  Repeat step 2 with a 3″ length and a 6″ length of Wonder Tape, using black seed beads and black glitter. Cut out six “eyes made out of coal” and stick above the noses. Cut out four to five smaller circles for each mouth.

5. Thread all three balls onto one wooden skewer and secure with Tacky Glue in between. Glue pieces of the feather boa to the top, bottom and in between the balls and pin a loop of ribbon to the top (dip the pin in glue first to secure).


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