Charming Cottage Bookends

smoothfoam Cottage Bookends

Make that shelf in the reading corner more special for the kids with this cute little bookend – it’s a plain metal bookend you can find in an office supply store, altered with Smoothfoam! Use wood pieces, stone tiles, craft foam or stickers and decorate it to fit your style.

1″ Smoothfoam sheet 
Metal bookend
DecoArt Snow-Tex texture medium
Acrylic paints in your choice of colors
Stone mosaic tiles and small wood tiles or craft foam
Bead for doorknob
Tacky glue, double-sided tape
Toothpicks, cotton ball, sandpaper
Craft knife, palette knife, paint brush

Cut a rectangle from the Smoothfoam sheet that will cover the upright part of the metal bookend. Mark the center of the top and cut off the corners to create a point for the peak of the roof. Cut a rectangle that will cover the base of the bookend. Sand the cut edges of the Smoothfoam as needed to smooth out.

Cover the front and sides of the house shape with DecoArt® Snow-Tex. Let dry and paint blue. Paint the base dark green and sponge or dab with cotton ball in a lighter green. Paint a tan path on the base and a light blue door and windows on the house. Paint roof shingles in yellow. Glue the house to the base using toothpicks for extra stability. Glue the painted pieces for the shutters, window frames and bushes to the house and yard. Add more items if you like, such as a fence or flowers.

Glue stone tiles to the path and around the door. These tiles are a cast stone that you can shape with scissors. Use double-sided tape to adhere the house to the bookend.

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