Celebrate Independence Day with this Party Table Topper!

Summertime is prime time for parties and Independence Day fireworks, so here’s a cheery table topper that will help you celebrate your special occasion. If you’ve never tried carving Smoothfoam, you’re going to love it!


Three 12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Mount sheets
Sulky Stick’n Carve Printable Transfer sheet
Ann Butler Crafter’s Ink Pads: Sunshine, Tangelo
Ann Butler’s EZ-De’s Stamps by Kellycraft – Sampler Set A
Hot Wire Foam Factory Hot Knife & Mini-Scroll Table
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Sticky-back craft foam – green, pink, purple, blue, yellow, red
16 gauge silver wire
Acrylic stamping block
Paint pens – black, orange
Black permanent marker
Wire cutters, round-nose pliers
Paint brush, toothpicks

1.  Stack and glue the three Smoothfoam sheets together into a solid block as if you were making a sandwich. Press together well and let dry one hour.


2.  Click here to download my original* artwork. Because the word “Celebrate” is so long, I decided to break it into two parts and then join them together. Print the artwork onto the Sulky transfer sheet. Peel off the backing paper and press the sheet on the Smoothfoam block.

3.  Poke pilot holes with the hot knife into each area of the block that will be cut out. Carefully carve out the design on the mini-scroll table. Unthread and re-insert the wire into each pilot hole to make each interior cut. Peel off the transfer sheet when finished.


4.  Connect the two carvings with short pieces of toothpicks and glue. Use the wire cutters to cut the toothpicks. Press together firmly. Let dry fifteen minutes.


5.  Tap the Sunshine ink pad on the front of the carving to color. Use a brush and some water to help spread the ink.

6.   Apply Tangelo ink to the sides and back of the carving.


7.   Stamp the dot pattern onto the carving with the Tangelo ink pad.


8.  Outline each letter with orange paint pen. Let dry then outline each letter with black paint pen.

9.  Cut a 6” and a 4” length of wire. Use the pliers to shape the top 2″ of each wire into large spirals. Set aside.


10.  For the fireworks, cut out flower shapes from the craft foam. Cut a 4” length of wire and add a large loop to one end. Peel the release papers from two flower shapes and adhere the sticky sides together sandwiching the wire loop in between. The loop will help the foam shapes stay in place. Repeat to make three fireworks and the rocket.


11.  Add details to the foam shapes with black permanent marker. Poke the wire ends of the shapes and the spirals into the top of the Smoothfoam carving. Secure with glue.

* You are welcome to use my original artwork only for your own use or for a gift/donation. You may not use my designs for items intended for resale.


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