Cake pop pens – Valentine’s Day party favors


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Who doesn’t love cake pops? They’re fun and festive! That’s what my friend Cindy envisioned when she encountered a large bouquet of skewered Smoothfoam balls in my studio one day. We thought it was a great idea! So to make them useful, I gave them an ink pen “stick.”  We thought a centerpiece like this would be nice in a shop or doctor’s office to keep the patrons from running off with their pens.

But now I want to go crazy and make these Smoothfoam faux cake pop pens as party favors for weddings, birthdays, baby showers…and any other holiday! Learn how to make these festive Valentine’s Day party favors below.

Smoothfoam cake pop displaySupplies:

One 8″ Smoothfoam hollow dome
Nine 2″ Smoothfoam balls
DecoArt Americana Paints:  True Red, Mississippi Mud, Baby Pink
Washi tapes
1″ circle punch
Pink cardstock
Pearl trim
9 ink pens with caps
Course crystal glitter
White all-purpose acrylic latex caulk
Tacky glue
Chopstick, spatula or palette knife, skewers
Disposable plastic containers

1.  Invert the dome and poke nine holes in it with the chopstick – poke one in the top middle, then make three even rows of three. Paint the outside of the dome red; let dry.

2.  Squeeze some caulk into a container and blend in brown paint to get a nice chocolate shade. Apply to the dome with a spatula or palette knife, like you’re frosting a cake, covering the holes and leaving some of the red to peek out at the bottom. Sprinkle with glitter and allow to dry thoroughly. Glue 2 rows of pearl trim around the bottom edge.

3.  Paint the balls red using a skewer for a handle. Let dry thoroughly.

4.  Mix more paint and caulk to frost each cake pop – 5 brown and 4 pink. Sprinkle most with glitter, leave some plain. Seed beads would also make cute sprinkles. Let the pops dry.

5.  Wrap each pen with washi tape, coiling it around from the bottom up to just where the cap fits on top. The cap end of the pen will stick into the centerpiece.

Smoothfoam cake pop party favor pens

6.  Punch 1″ circles from cardstock and glue a small spiral of pearl trim on top, and adhere to the top of each cake pop with a dab of caulk.

7.  Press each cake pop gently through the frosting into each hole in the dome. Display the dome on a plate or on top of a 12″ red paper doily.

*Optional:  Make themed tags for each pen party favor. Glue below the pop onto the pen.


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