Bunny Hop Easter Box

Smoothfoam Easter Egg Gift Box

It’s hard to believe Easter is almost here. Didn’t we just finish Christmas? I guess the wicked weather patterns we’ve had across the country this year have kept our brains in a frozen state.

Here’s a little pick-me-up that’s sure to warm your heart. This Bunny Hop Box is brimming with Easter eggs and other wonderful goodies – including chocolate, the perfect comfort food. An Easter gift box like this is a fun alternative to a traditional Easter basket – especially for grown-ups!


2-1/2″ Smoothfoam eggs
8″ round paper maché box with lid
Metallic acrylic paints: violet, turquoise, light sage green
Viva Décor Pearl Pens: Violet, Gold
16″ length – narrow lace strip
24″ length – wide lace strip
Decorative wood spool, white air-dry clay
Cardboard, mat board, dimensional glue dots
Kunin Paisley Printzfelt, Kunin White Plushfelt
Beacon glues: Quick Grip, Fabri-Tac, Hold the Foam
Polyester stuffing, white thread, scissors, craft knife
2″ decorative bird’s nest with eggs
16″ lengths of narrow ribbons: rose, sage green
2 large white brads, hole punch, black cardstock
Large, heavyweight flower die-cut
5″ length silver wire, wire cutters
Scissors, sponge, paint brush


1.  Paint the box and lid turquoise, inside and out. Allow to dry, then sponge over it with purple paint. After the second coat is dry, glue a strip of narrow lace around the edge.Smoothfoam march 2015 paint lid Cwindham2.  Glue a strip of wide lace around the center of the box. Line the inside of the box with the paisley felt and Fabri-Tac, using this cutting guide.

3.  To add a matching felt-covered panel inside the lid, cut a circle of cardboard slightly smaller than the lid diameter. Cover it with felt using the cutting guide above, wrapping each tab around to the back of the circle. Glue inside the lid with Quick Grip.

4.  Cut each Smoothfoam egg in half. Sponge paint with 2-3 coats, blending purple, turquoise and green as desired, allow to dry. Draw dots on each egg with the pearl paint pens and set aside to dry.

padded lace spools

5.  Paint the spool and die-cut flower with desired colors. When the spool is dry, wrap a little stuffing around it and tie in place with white thread. Wrap some wide lace around the spool, turning the back edge under and glue in place with Fabri-Tac.

6.  Cut a 3/4″ square of clay, and score a line down the middle to make two bunny teeth. Roll two 1/2″ balls and press in place on top of the teeth as shown. Press two 1-½” pieces of wire into the balls on each side for whiskers. Allow to dry.

7.  Clip the shank off the white brads and glue a small punched hole (from cardstock) to the the top for eyes. Cut two tiny strips of card stock for the eyelashes and clip into each to make fringe (curl the fringe around a toothpick). Glue the eyelashes in place around the edge of each brad with Quick Grip. Place a dimensional glue dot on the back of each brad to fill in where the shank was removed. Use Quick Grip to glue the eyes and teeth in place.

wood spool rabbit face

For the bunny ears, glue a piece of white and paisley felt back to back and cut out two ear shapes. Glue to the top of the spool.

To finish off the bunny head, embellish the bird next with ribbon bows and glue the flower to the bottom of the next, then glue the flower/nest to the top of the spool. Glue the head to the center of the box lid with Quick Grip. Glue the egg halves around it with Hold the Foam adhesive.

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