Bride and Groom Place Setting Markers


I made these markers for a wedding party head table – I think it’s such a cute way to identify where the bride and groom will sit for dinner!

Wedding Place Settings


4″ Smoothfoam ball
Smoothfoam sheet (any size)
Stick ‘n Carve Transfer Paper
Marvy Hot Wire Foam Cutter
Sandpaper, paint brush
Craft paints – black and white
Mod Podge
Stickles Glitter Glues – Diamond or Frost
2 wood dowels
Gold metallic paint pen
“Story of Us” stickers

1.  Draw, trace or print the outlines of a dress and bow tie on to the transfer paper, then stick the paper to a sheet of Smoothfoam.

2.  Cut out the images with the foam cutter, through the transfer paper.

3.  Remove the transfer paper and sand the edges of the foam as needed. Paint the bow tie black and paint the dress white.

4.  Cut the Smoothfoam ball in half then paint one half black and paint the other half white.

5.  After the paint is dry, coat each piece with Mod Podge (gloss finish).

6.  Embellish the surface of the dress and ball with glitter glue for extra sparkle.

7.  Cut each dowel to the appropriate size so the markers are the same height as shown. Paint the dowels with a gold paint pen and insert into the foam, connecting each piece to its base.

8.  Embellish each marker with stickers and bling.


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