Bookworms are cool!

smoothfoam bookworm

The focus is on reading with this cute bookworm craft. Create one for your own bookshelf or make it a classroom or library craft project.


Seven 2″ Smoothfoam balls
DecoArt Americana acrylic paint – Sour Apple
Chenille stems: 5 pink plus small neon green pieces
2 small pompoms
Tulip Dimensional Paint – Neon Orange
4” length of 20 gauge craft wire
2 wiggle eyes
Cardstock, copy paper
Tacky glue, felt pen, toothpicks, skewers, wire cutters

1.  Trim a small slice from one side of three balls. Trim the remaining balls on both sides.

2.  Paint all balls Apple Green. Slide them on a skewer for easier painting. Stick the skewers in an extra piece of foam or a canning jar to dry.

3.  Arrange five balls in a line beginning and ending with balls trimmed on one side. Use toothpicks and glue to hold them together. Glue the remaining two balls at an angle using the last ball trimmed on one side for the head.

4.  Poke holes in the sides of the balls for legs except for the head and last ball. Cut pink chenille stems in half and bend for legs. Glue into sides. Make a loop on the ends of the stems for feet and twist to hold. Poke two holes in the head for the antennae and glue the short pieces of green stem into the holes. Glue pompoms to the ends of the stems.

5.  Glue the wiggle eyes to the face and draw on a nose and mouth with the pen.

6.  Roll the craft wire into a circle on one end. Check for fit and roll another circle on the other end of the wire. Glue the glasses to the face.

7.  Create a small book from a piece of cardstock and cut some copy paper pages to fit the cover. Write a line from your favorite book on the pages and glue it between the first pair of feet.

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