Baseball cap and hat rack

smoothfoam baseball cap rack Our son Dyllan loves hats. He has quite the collection, from cute to all-boy-edgy. But they were always getting misplaced so I decided to make him a homemade hat rack using Smoothfoam. Now he has a place to put all his basecaps, hats and beanies! Learn how to make a baseball cap rack using a few simple supplies.


Four 1″x6″x12″ Smoothfoam sheets
Six 1″ Smoothfoam balls
Acrylic paints – black, red, white
Foam paintbrushes
Bubble wrap
Black duct tape
22-gauge wire, toothpicks
Scissors, tacky glue, metallic marker
Wood skewers (cut into 3″ pieces)


Join the four Smoothfoam sheets together, end to end, to create one 4-foot plank, using toothpicks and glue. Cover the seams between the sheets on the back with duct tape to secure, then paint the whole plank black and let dry.

Dab some white paint on the bubble wrap, flip the wrap over onto the Smoothfoam and press down. Lift to reveal distressed polka dots. When dry, finish the edges with duct tape.

paint stamp smoothfoam with bubble wrap

Paint the balls, skewers and clothespins red. When dry, push a skewer into each ball and poke the balls into the sheet at even intervals. Secure with glue at both ends of the skewer.

Glue the clothespins along the bottom edge of the hat rack, in between each ball peg. If desired, add a strip of duct tape to the bottom of the rack, further securing the clothes pins. Embellish the tape with the metallic marker.

Make loops of wire, twist and secure to back of the baseball cap hat rack with the glue and duct tape for hanging.

smoothfoam hat rack

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