Ball toss game

This Velcro ball toss game is easy to make and fun to play, either on the floor or on the wall. Just toss the balls and add up the points! Learn how to make your own DIY ball toss game below.


Ball Toss Game with Smoothfoam by Terry Ricioli


Smoothfoam 12” disc
8 Smoothfoam 1-¼” balls
Red and yellow felt squares
Velcro Sticky-Back strips (hook side only)
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Americana craft paints – True Red, True Blue and Kelly Green
Stick’rzFelt 2″ numbers
Scrap paper

1.  Paint the edges and back of the disc red. Paint four balls blue and four balls green. Set aside to dry.

TIP:  Stick a toothpick into the hole in each ball to hold as a handle while you paint, then stick them into a piece of scrap foam to dry.

2.  To make a pattern for cutting the felt into wedges, trace the 12” disc on to a piece of paper. Cut out the circle and fold it into eighths and cut out one eighth.

3.  Cut four wedges each from the red and yellow felt and glue them to the disc, alternating the colors. Glue a small circle of red felt in the center. Allow to dry.

4.  Cut the Velcro strip into 4-¼” lengths, then cut each piece in half lengthwise. Adhere a narrow strip around the center of each of the painted balls.

5.  Adhere a felt number to each of the wedges.

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