Baby turtle for the garden

Turtle with Smoothfoam

Every garden needs a baby turtle…this little guy will add character to any planter.


2″ Smoothfoam ball
1” Smoothfoam balls
DecoArt Americana paints: Kelly Green, Sour Apple, Peony Pink
Lime green craft foam
Wiggle eyes
Craft glue
Serrated knife, scissors
Green felt pen
Paintbrush, palette

1.  Cut a 2” Smoothfoam ball in half with a serrated knife for the turtle shell.

2.  Slice a small piece off one side of a 1” ball for the turtle head.

3.  Cut another 1” ball into quarters for the feet.

4.  Paint the shell with Kelly Green and paint the other pieces with Sour Apple; let dry.

5.  Glue the head to the shell and glue the feet under the shell as shown; let dry.

6.  Cut small shapes from craft foam for the shell markings and glue them on randomly.

7.  Glue wiggle eyes to the head. Add cheeks with a dot of pink paint (use the end of your paintbrush or a pencil eraser). Draw a mouth, eyebrows, nostrils and toes with the felt pen.

Smoothfoam turtle

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