Baseball cap and hat rack

smoothfoam baseball cap rack Our son Dyllan loves hats. He has quite the collection, from cute to all-boy-edgy. But they were always getting misplaced so I decided to make him a homemade hat rack using Smoothfoam. Now he has a place to put all his basecaps, hats and beanies! Learn how to make a baseball cap rack using a few simple supplies.


Four 1″x6″x12″ Smoothfoam sheets
Six 1″ Smoothfoam balls
Acrylic paints – black, red, white
Foam paintbrushes
Bubble wrap
Black duct tape
22-gauge wire, toothpicks
Scissors, tacky glue, metallic marker
Wood skewers (cut into 3″ pieces)


Join the four Smoothfoam sheets together, end to end, to create one 4-foot plank, using toothpicks and glue. Cover the seams between the sheets on the back with duct tape to secure, then paint the whole plank black and let dry.

Dab some white paint on the bubble wrap, flip the wrap over onto the Smoothfoam and press down. Lift to reveal distressed polka dots. When dry, finish the edges with duct tape.

paint stamp smoothfoam with bubble wrap

Paint the balls, skewers and clothespins red. When dry, push a skewer into each ball and poke the balls into the sheet at even intervals. Secure with glue at both ends of the skewer.

Glue the clothespins along the bottom edge of the hat rack, in between each ball peg. If desired, add a strip of duct tape to the bottom of the rack, further securing the clothes pins. Embellish the tape with the metallic marker.

Make loops of wire, twist and secure to back of the baseball cap hat rack with the glue and duct tape for hanging.

smoothfoam hat rack

Weathered Wood Plank Beach Sign

faux driftwood beach sign

I recently repainted our tiny downstairs bathroom with a beach theme, as I love all things to do with the ocean. When the bathroom was completed, I felt it needed just a little something else, so I set about making this beach sign. It was so quick and easy to make a Smoothfoam sheet look like weathered wood – it took only 2 hours, including dry time.

Two 1″ x 6″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheets
4″ Smoothfoam letters to spell “Beach”
Acrylic paints – white, dark brown
Foam paint brushes, stiff bristle brush, long-handle paint brushes
Tacky glue
Bamboo skewers, toothpicks
Packing tape, craft wire

paint smoothfoam to look like wood


Join the 2 sheets of Smoothfoam with toothpicks glue. Use tape on the back to hold the pieces together while the glue sets.

Paint the letters white and set aside to dry.

Gently press the skewer into the Smoothfoam to make straight, indented lines (like wood planks) across the sheets. Don’t forget to indent the edges of the sheet, too.

Use a paint brush handle to indent the lines a bit deeper. Be careful not to press too hard – avoid cracking the surface.

Paint the grooved lines dark brown. Then mix some white paint into a little dark brown to make a lighter shade and paint the rest of the sheet. Let dry.

Distress the “wood plank” by lightly dry-brushing a little white paint across it.

Glue your “beach” letters to the sign, then glue or tape a wire loop to the back for hanging.

Star-Spangled Wreath

smoothfoam 4th of july wreathWith summer almost here, I thought it would be nice to get a head start on some patriotic decorations!

To make a star-spangled wreath you will need:

14″ Smoothfoam wreath
Foil tape
22-gauge wire
Cereal box
Foam tape
Bamboo skewer
Blunt end of a small paint brush
Permanent markers



1.  Wrap the edge of the wreath with the foil tape.

2.  Cut the foil tape into 3″ pieces and cover the rest of the wreath. Smooth out any ridges with your fingers.

3.  Use the bamboo skewer to press line indents onto the surface of the wreath.

4.  Add detail with the end of the paintbrush – be careful not to poke through the foil tape. Color with the pens.

Processed with Moldiv

5.  Hand or die-cut 18-20 assorted sized stars from the cereal box. Cover stars with foil tape and trim off excess. You only need to cover one side of the star. Decorate stars with the colored pens.

6.  Measure 5″ of wire. Wrap it around a pen to make a coil. Make enough coils for every other star.

7.  Use the foil tape to attach the coil to the backside of the stars and also the wreath.

8. Use the end of the paintbrush to maneuver through the coil, to help press the foil tape onto the wreath. Attach the other stars with foam tape.

Processed with Moldiv

Attach a loop of wire to the back of the wreath with the foil tape and hang it for all to enjoy!


Vintage-Inspired Patina Owls

smoothfoam owls

It’s no secret that I love anything owls. I think they are just the most fantastic, adorable, magical creatures! When I saw these little guys, I squealed! They are cute in white, but even better painted. You can use them to spruce up a potted plant or display as a collection.  I hope you enjoy my tutorial. 🙂


3-7/8″ Smoothfoam owls
Acrylic paints -dark brown, metallic, gold
Mod Podge Gloss
Inka Gold metal paint
Foam brush
Bamboo skewers – trimmed to 6″

Push a skewer into the bottom of your owl and paint it brown. Poke the owl into a block of Smoothfoam to hold it upright as it dries.

Rinse and dry the foam brush, then add a little gold paint to the owl. Add additional metallic colors sparingly as desired, so the brown paint still shows through.

Once all the paint is dry, coat the owl with Mod Podge and allow to dry thoroughly for a few hours.

Lightly apply Inka Gold to the owl with your finger, accenting it just enough to give it a vintage look. Here are more patina variations, all starting with the brown and gold paint as a base.

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Whimsical Cupcake Gems

smoothfoam ball cupcakes

With spring almost here, it’s fun to start dreaming about garden gatherings and tea-time parties. Here’s an idea for a sweet and sparkly cupcake centerpiece for just such an occasion!


Two  2″ Smoothfoam balls
2 ½”Smoothfoam ball
3″ Smoothfoam ball
Polka-dot washi tapes
Assorted sequins and rhinestones
Large plastic gems or beads
Cupcake or tart tins
Tacky glue
Low-temp hot glue gun


Cover each ball with small torn pieces of washi tape.

Adhere sequins with tacky glue, then glue a rhinestone on top of each sequin.

Use hot glue to adhere a large gem to the top of each ball. If the gem is pointed at the bottom, carve out a small hole at the top of the ball with your scissors first. Then fill the hole with hot glue and attach the gem.

TIP:  Alter the color of your gems by tinting with alcohol ink, if desired.

Place a ball in each tin and arrange on a tray or cupcake stand.

Hugs and Kisses Tabletop Decoration

smoothfoam valentines day tabletop centerpieceThis Valentine’s Day centerpiece was so easy and fun to make! Full of sparkle and bling….it’s sure to catch the eye of someone you love!

You will need:

6″ Smoothfoam disc
2″ x 4″ x 4″ Smoothfoam block
4 marbles or large beads
Glitter wrapping paper
Valentine-themed patterned paper, stickers and embellishments
6″ length of straight wire
Glitter glue
Gold leafing pen
Tacky glue
Bangle bracelet
Paper trimmer and scissors


1.  Trace the Smoothfoam disc onto the glitter wrapping paper, cut and glue paper to the top and bottom of disc. Trim out a long 1″ piece to cover the edge. Cut 2 smaller circles and a narrower strip from the patterned paper to layer on top of the glitter paper. Add stickers as desired and fill in any gaps with glitter glue.

2.  Measure and cut more glitter wrapping paper to fit the size of your bracelet. Embellish it with the rhinestones then adhere it with glue to the center of the disc. The bracelet will be a separator between the disc and block.

3.  Flip disc over and glue the marbles in place as feet. Let this set while you work on the block – decorate it like you did the disc, with papers and embellishments as desired.

how to smoothfoam valentine centerpiece

4.  For the sign, embellish two similar stickers with the gold leafing pen, rhinestones and glitter glue. Sand-which the straight wire in between both stickers.


5.  Poke a hole in the center if the cube with your wire. Add some glue to the hole, insert wire to desired height. Add rhinestones around wire. Finish off the centerpiece by touching up the stickers and such with the gold leafing pen.

How to Make Craft Stamps with Smoothfoam

One of my favorite things to make are background stamps – and with Smoothfoam, the possibilities are endless! It’s a great surface for carving stamps – I carved a different design on to each side of a cube, or you could also carve a sheet or block in any size.

Use your stamps to decorate fabric, cards, furniture, walls – or even make your own wrapping paper!



One 5″ Smoothfoam cube
Wood-burning heat tool with assorted tips
Metal ruler
Paintbrushes, foam brush
Plastic tooth brush
Acrylic paint
100 grit sandpaper (optional for sanding any rough edges)

carve custom stamps on Smoothfoam

For the word “Art,” I used a pen to write the word backwards. Then I carved out the letters with a tapered tip of a heat tool. I also added some texture between the letters.

smoothfoam heat carved stamps

These holes were made by pressing into the Smoothfoam with the ends of a paintbrush, a marker and generic plastic toothbrush.

carve stamps from smoothfoam

I created these overlapping circles by firmly pressing a metal bracelet into the surface.

carve stamps from smoothfoam

These lines were created with the edge of a metal ruler.

carve stamps from smoothfoam

I drew the heart with a pen, then used the heat tool to carve out the shape and add the lines.

Mistletoe Ornament

smoothfoam mistletoe ornament

Did you know that the custom of kissing under mistletoe comes from England? The original idea was that a berry was to be picked from a sprig of mistletoe before the person could be kissed. So when all the berries had gone, there could be no more kissing!

I have always loved the notion of hanging up mistletoe, but they dry out so fast and then lose their color and charm. So I dreamed up this little beauty and I hope you’ll be inspired to make one for yourself – Merry Christmas!


3″ Smoothfoam ball
Bright gold paint
Small red ornament (with a hole all the way through)
Small gold bell
12″ length of 24 gauge red floral wire
Red button
Assorted holly leaves (silk, velvet, organza, etc.)
Plastic holly berry stems
Needle-nose jewelry pliers
Tacky Glue, glitter glue
Straight pins, paint brush
Tiny silver rhinestones
Sheer red ribbon

1.  Fold the red wire in half and string the bell at the end in the fold.

2.  Pinch the wire ends together and string through the red ornament.

3.  Paint the Smoothfoam ball bright gold and let dry. Pierce a hole all the way through with a skewer. Use the pliers to widen the hole and add some glue inside, then pull the wire out the other side so the tip of the red ornament fits snugly inside the ball.

smoothfoam ball ornament

4.  Poke holes into the bottom of the Smoothfoam ball with the skewer or pliers. Add glue and push in the holly berry stems.

holly berry stems

5.  While the glue sets, arrange your leaves in the desired order. Thread your wire through the red button and glue the button to the top of the ball. When the glue has set, twist the wire and make a loop. Trim off any excess wire.

6.  Starting from the bottom of the ornament, glue on your darkest leaves first and use a pin to hold each in place while they dry.

7.  Continue gluing on more leaves until the ball is covered. When the glue is dry, you can remove the pins and glue rhinestones on the leaves to accent.

mistletoe smoothfoam ornament

8.  Apply lines of glitter glue along the veins of the leaves. Add some glitter glue around the button and let it dry completely before hanging your ornament with the red ribbon.

mistletoe smoothfoam ornament

Photo Holder Table Settings

smoothfoam photo holder table setting

We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our home this year for some close friends and family. I wanted to make up some unique yet stylish table settings that everyone can take home to enjoy as personal homemade photo holders!

I don’t have a current photo of each of my guests, so I might hand draw a cartoon of each person or just write their names extra fancy on tags.


1-1/4″ Smoothfoam balls
Metallic gold acrylic paint
Foam painbrush
Craft knife
Skewer or paper piercing tool
Tacky glue
Assorted Dew and Diamond Drops (flat-back gems)
17″ lengths of 24 gauge red floral wire
Jewelry pliers
1-1/4″ washer
Dimensional glazing medium


1.  Poke a hole all the way through each ball with a skewer or piercing tool.

2.  Push a toothpick into each hole and hold the end while you paint each ball gold. Use 2 coats for nice shiny coverage; let dry.


paint smoothfoam ball

3.  Cut each ball in half along the seam line with the craft knife. Coat each half ball with tacky glue and add assorted Dew Drops.

smoothfoam embellished photo holder

4.  Fold one piece of floral wire in half and twist the end tight with jewelry pliers.

5.  Put a toothpick in the looped end and use that as a lever to twist the rest of the wire.  Make the looped end into a spiral, then bend the wire as shown.

6.  Glue a washer onto the bottom of each half ball.

smoothfoam photo holders

7.  Fill the hole in each half ball with glue and let set for a minute to get nice and tacky. Insert a wire stem. As glue begins to set, add some more until hole is filled up and the wire does not move. Cover hole with extra Dew Drops.

8.  Finish by covering entire half ball with the dimensional glaze. Let set overnight before using.

Spooky Halloween Tombstones

smoothfoam halloween tombstone

Of all the holidays, Halloween has always been my favorite! I love to dress up the house in preparation for trick-or-treaters. This year I thought it would be fun to try making some new tombstones to add to my store-bought collection.

You can use the tombstone-shaped Smoothfoam for this project or shape them yourself from plain sheets.


One 12″x12″x5/8″ Scrapbook Page Mount
Black marker
Wood-burning tool with hot knife tip and tapered point tip
Acrylic paints:  gray, black, dark brown
Foam brushes, small flat paint brush
Baby wipes
Heat-proof work surface (I used a thick cork board)
3″ lengths of bamboo skewers
Sandpaper (optional)

1.  Sketch your design onto your Smoothfoam sheet. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, this will be covered up later with paint.tombstone etching design on smoothfoam

IMPORTANT:  Always work outside or in a well-ventilated area when heat-carving Smoothfoam, and be mindful of where you set the heated tips.

2.  Attach your hot knife tip to your wood-burning tool and begin to carve away the outer shape of your tombstone. You can also carve away at the edges so it will look like chiseled stone. The hot knife cuts through the Smoothfoam like butter!

3.  This Smoothfoam sheet was easy to trim as it was thin. The other shapes were thicker so to remove unwanted smoothfoam without damaging the design, I scored the pieces that needed to be removed first. Then I snapped them off and cleaned up any rough edges with the hot knife.heat carving scoring smoothfoam

4.  Unplug the wood burning tool and let it cool completely before changing the knife tip to the tapered point, then begin carving out your design. Start at the top and work your way down. It’s a fairly quick process and any carving mistakes only add to the charm of the tombstone.heat carving smoothfoam tombstone

5.  When you have finished carving up your stones, it’s time to paint. Plan to use the same palette for all the colors, as the mixing really adds to the overall effect. Paint the front, sides and back gray paint. Don’t worry if the front is not dry before moving onto step #6.

6.  Starting from the top, fill in the carved-out designs with black paint using your small flat paint brush. Its OK to be messy when trying to get paint into all the grooves, designs and letters. As you finish each part, use the baby wipe to clean up excess paint by wiping ‘downwards’. This will smear some of the black paint for a distressed look. Next, add some brown to the surface by dragging a baby wipe with paint from top to bottom to make the tombstone look like it’s weeping rust and graveyard dirt. Apply as much brown as desired. Too much? Just wipe it off before paint has dried.

Processed with Moldiv

7. Wait for tombstones to dry, then gently sand the edges if you want to distress further. Gently push the bamboo skewers into the bottom of the tombstones, about a quarter of the way in, then press into the ground in your yard. The skewers help keep the tombstones from toppling in the wind. Add some fog and special lighting. Now you are ready to welcome all on Halloween night!smoothfoam tombstones