Apple Pencil Toppers

Apple Pencil Toppers

The smell of new pencils always makes me hopeful. It means the start of a fresh, new school year. To make going back to school even more fun, why not decorate the tops of your pencils with these quick and easy apple pencil toppers? They make a great gift for your favorite student or bring new meaning to an “apple for teacher.”


1″ Smoothfoam balls
Red craft paint
Wood skewers, toothpicks
Green felt scraps
Craft glue

1.  The base of every Smoothfoam ball already has a small pilot hole. Put the eraser end of an old pencil into the hole and push it around to enlarge the hole to fit a pencil.

2.  Paint the ball red. It’s best to put the ball on a skewer and paint it that way. To dry, stick the skewered ball into a foam sheet.

Paint the balls

3.  Once the ball has dried, remove the skewer, stick a small piece of the wood toothpick into the top to serve as the apple stem. You may want to put a drop of glue onto the end of the stem to ensure that it stays in place.

4.  Cut some small leaves from your felt scraps and glue them onto the top of the apple, near the stem. Place on the end of a brand new pencil (over the eraser).

Apple Pencil Topper Close-up


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