Smoothfoam Light-Up Snowflake

Smoothfoam snowflake

Light up your holidays with this sparkly snowflake!


Large Smoothfoam snowflake
6″ Smoothfoam disc
Tacky glue
Clear crystal glitter
Acrylic embellishments
Craft knife and/or sharp paring knife
Creative Versa-Tool  (for heat carving)
Tempered glass work mat
Sponge brush, quilt pins
Battery-operated LED mini-lights (string of 20)

1.  Coat the top of the snowflake with glue using a sponge brush, then sprinkle with glitter. Set aside to dry.
Tip:  Thin the glue with a little water to make it easier to spread.

2.  Mark 20 equally-spaced dots (about 1″ apart) around the top of the disc, 1/2″ in from the edge, then use the blade holder tip of the heat tool to drill holes where marked for the lights to push through. Quickly push the tip straight up and down and work on a tempered glass surface. The tip will not go all the way thru the disc, so turn the disc over and open up the holes from the opposite side. This is a HOT tool – use with extreme caution.

3.  Cut a 4″ circle out of the center of the disc to turn it into a 1″ ring. Cut with a slow up and down motion for a smooth edge – use a craft knife, hot wire foam cutter, or the knife blade in the Versa Tool.
Tip:  A fabric softener sheet is great for cleaning up small crumbs of Smoothfoam on your work surface after cutting.

cutting smoothfoam

4.  Push each LED bulb into a hole in the ring from the back. If the hole is a little large and the bulb doesn’t fit snugly, shim with a small, rolled strip of card stock inside the hole. To keep the wire straight, leave 4 or 5 holes between each bulb.

attaching LED lights to Smoothfoam wreath

5.  Attach the ring to the center of the snowflake by pushing quilt pins diagonally thru the inside of the ring into the snowflake, making sure the wire and battery holder/switch are at the back. Smoothfoam is very dense, so the pins should hold everything together without glue. Decorate the front of the ring as desired with acrylic bling.

6.  The battery pack can be left loose at the back, or you can glue half a 6″ paper plate at the back to create a pocket to hold it in place. It’s important to be able to reach the switch to turn the lights on and off if there isn’t a timer setting.

7.  Cover the opening in the center of the ring with a 4″ circle of card stock, or accordion fold a 24″ x 2″ strip of card stock to create a rosette. Folds should be about 3/4″ apart.

Steps 6-7


Candy Apple Ornament

smoothfoam Candy Apple Ornament

These candy apple ornaments make a sweet gift for your favorite sweetie! Of all the handmade holiday gifts out there, I think ornaments are at the top of my list. There’s something about unpacking your ornament box and sifting through your collection, carefully picking each one up, thinking about who gave it to you and where you were in your life, before finally hanging it on the tree.


Smoothfoam Apple
White air-dry polymer clay
Craft paints – red, white
Craft glue
Glitter – red, white
Small hook screw
Red & white striped paper straw

Candy Apple Ornament Close-Up copyInstructions:

1.  Paint the apple red. While the paint is still wet, cover it in red glitter. Set aside to dry.

2.  Following the instructions on the package, roll out a small amount of white clay to about 1/8″ thick to make a  3″ scalloped circle to cover the top of the apple. The edges need not be perfectly shaped.

3.  Glue the clay over the top of the apple while the clay is still moist. Arrange it randomly so it looks like dripping frosting. Dab a bit of glue to the end of the straw and push it through the clay into the pilot hole on the top of the apple. Set aside to dry.

VERY IMPORTANT TIP – I suggest allowing it to air-dry at least 24 hours. The clay may take more or less time to dry depending on your weather conditions. Be sure to use an air-dry clay; do NOT use polymer clay that needs to be baked, as Smoothfoam should never go in the oven.

4.  Paint the dry clay white and sprinkle white or clear glitter on top while the paint is wet. Allow to dry.

5.  Push a small screw hook into the top of the ornament and string a pretty ribbon through it to hang.

Fall Sunflowers Square Wreath

smoothfoam Fall sunflower Wreath

Who says a fall wreath filled with bright sunflowers has to be round? With Smoothfoam rods, you can easily construct a unique diamond or square fall wreath for your autumn décor. Learn how to make this festive autumn sunflower wreath below.


Four 12″ Smoothfoam rods
Joy Embroidered Letters
Masking or duct tape
Brown paper grocery bag
Sequin pins
Silk leaves, berries, flowers
Ink pad, hole punch
Twine, scissors, wire cutters
Craft knife, sandpaper
Glue gun


1.  Cut each rod end at a 45-degree angle in opposite directions. Smooth with sandpaper and connect the junctions with tape.

smoothfoam rods square wreath

2.  Tear brown paper into 2” strips and scrunch them to wrinkle. Wrap the wreath form with the strips, tacking them down with sequin pins.

3.  Cut the leaves, flowers and berries off their wire picks and glue them on the bottom corner of the wreath, working up the two sides.

4.  To make the bunting, cut small flags from cardstock and glue the embroidered letters to each flag. Distress the edges of the flags with the ink pad. Punch a hole in each flag and string them on twine, then tie the ends around the wreath.

5.  Tie or glue a loop of twine at the top to hang.