Spring Moss Balls

Smoothfoam Moss Balls home decor

Hi everyone! When spring hits, I feel the need to bring lots of greenery into the house – something to chase the winter blues away! I wanted some color for my mantel, so I came up with these DIY moss balls. I normally keep some candles on these pedestals, but I thought they needed something new for spring. Learn how to make your own faux decorative moss balls today!

3-3/8″ Smoothfoam balls
Tacky glue
Decorator moss
Pearl head pins

make moss balls with smoothfoam

Apply glue fairly generously to the ball in sections, then press the moss into the glue. Don’t worry about bits and pieces sticking out at this point, just make sure you are covering the whole ball.

tacky glue smoothfoam moss ball

Set aside to dry for a few minutes, then trim the shagginess off using some sharp craft scissors.

Smoothfoam Moss Balls

Add  bow to the top, securing with a pearl head pin.

Smoothfoam Moss Balls with ribbon

Teacher Appreciation Gift – A Painted Planter Bowl

smoothfoam painted planter bowl

I can no other answer make, but, thanks and thanks.  ~ William Shakespeare

As the school year begins to wrap up, it’s time to thank the teacher who spent their days with your child – nurturing, encouraging and assisting them to become their best. Why not give a gift that grows through out the summer? A Smoothfoam half-ball is lightweight and so easy to move around on the counter or porch. It will insulate the soil and prevent it from drying out too quickly. Custom paint the outside with the teacher’s favorite colors or with your child’s school colors. Pick out a small plant or delicious herb, such as this lemon thyme, and plant it. Your child will be proud to present it to his or her teacher. “Look at what I made and planted!”

You will need:
8″ Smoothfoam half-bowl
Acrylic paint in two contrasting colors
Round-head sponge brush
Small potted plant and potting soil

1.  Poke a few drainage holes through the bottom of the bowl with a screwdriver.

2.  Paint the outside with your first color and allow to dry thoroughly. Paint a second coat if needed.


3.  Apply polka dots in the second color with a round brush and allow to dry thoroughly.

4.  Add potting soil and the plant. Water it until soil is moist.

HINTS:  As Smoothfoam is lightweight and a great insulator, use it to line your favorite hanging plant pot. If you don’t want to add holes for water drainage, add some pea gravel to the inside of the bowl instead before planting. This allows for some interior drainage and keeps the roots from getting waterlogged.