Halloween Treat Bowl

smoothfoam halloween treat bowl

You’ve been boo’d!!  Everyone will enjoy this fun treat bowl for Halloween.  Fill with wrapped candy, or mini candy bars or popcorn.

Here’s what you’ll need:

8″ Smoothfoam half-ball 
Smoothfoam baby head
Smoothfoam Letters
DecoArt Americana Neon Paint – Orange, Green and Yellow
DecoArt Americana Patio Paint – Black
Small foam cup
Coat hanger wire
2 wiggle eyes
Green shreds
3 black paper bats
6 yellow acrylic gems
Cool temp glue gun
Large sponge pouncer
Make-up sponge
Candy Corn
Scissors, pliers, skewer

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Smoothfoam is non-toxic. However the bowl should not be used for direct contact with food unless the inside of the bowl is painted and sealed with non-toxic paint and sealer. Only use for wrapped candy. This bowl was filled with popcorn for decorative purposes only.

#Smoothfoam Boo Basket Supplies

1.  Cut the top edge from the foam cup then glue the ring to the base of the bowl to keep it from rolling.

2.  Paint the bowl black, the B and one letter O orange, the second letter O yellow, and the doll head green. Let dry.

TIP:  Smoothfoam surface is very smooth and slick, so I use a large sponge pouncer to paint large pieces, or a make-up sponge to paint smaller pieces for a nice, even finish.

3.  Glue the wiggle eyes and one piece of candy corn (nose) to the doll face, shreds (hair) and 2 pieces of candy corn (horns) to head.

4.  Glue the letters beside each other as shown, add the gems to the bats for eyes, then glue the bats to the letters.

5.  Use a skewer to push 2 holes on either side of the bowl, 1″ from the top.

6.  Curve about 12″ of coat hanger wire to make a handle. Use pliers to bend each end outward at a 45˚ angle, then insert one end into each hole from the inside. Bend the ends upward to secure. Glue the letters to the wire handle.

7.  Fill the bowl with wrapped Halloween candy, then nestle the head in the candy so it pops up between the pieces and remember:

“When you’re out on the thirty-first with a bag of candy that’s ready to burst…
Look over your shoulder and all about, ’cause take it from me, you’d better

Spooky Halloween Cupcake Plate

Gather your friends and have a cupcake this Halloween! This mini cupcake holder is the perfect addition to your party décor and it goes together lickety-split.

DIY Halloween Cupcake plate by Jennifer Priest for Smoothfoam

The beauty of this project is you can make it for any occasion – simply change the colors and motif. Add buttons instead of google eyes with pastel colors for a baby shower cupcake plate or use pom poms instead of the google eyes for a red and green Christmas cupcake plate. How would you customize this cupcake plate for your next celebration?

Gather these supplies:

6″ Smoothfoam disc
8″ Smoothfoam disc
4″ Smoothfoam half-ball
2-1/8″ Smoothfoam ornament
3.5″ Smoothfoam tree
Black self-adhesive PrestoFelt
Westcott non-stick scissors
Glue gun
Foam paint brush
Bamboo skewer
Drill with 1/16″ drill bit
Googly eyes
Acrylic paints: green, orange, black, purple
Glitters: green, orange, black, purple
Heat gun

Drill a hole from the top to the bottom of each Smoothfoam piece. The skewer will be threaded through these holes to keep the cake plate together. Once the holes are drilled, paint each piece of Smoothfoam the color desired and allow to dry.

Paint each piece of Smoothfoam with a second coat of paint – this time, shake on the coordinating color of glitter while the paint is still wet. The paint will act as an adhesive for the glitter. Do this to each piece and then set aside and allow to dry thoroughly. To prevent the glitter from falling into the cupcake later, you can apply a very light coat of spray sealer to the pieces (be sure the label says the sealer is safe for use with craft foam).

After the pieces are dry, thread the half ball onto a bamboo skewer. Press the flat end of the ball onto the table and apply a bit of hot glue to the skewer about 1″ above the top of the half ball. Slide the 8″ Smoothfoam disc onto the skewer. Apply more hot glue to the skewer, about 1″ above the top of the Smoothfoam disc. Thread the Smoothfoam ornament onto the skewer. Apply more hot glue to the skewer, about 1″ above the top of the Smoothfoam ornament and slide the 6″ Smoothfoam disc onto the skewer. Trim the top of the skewer to about 2″ long. Apply hot glue to the remainder of the skewer and thread the Smoothfoam tree onto the top of the skewer.

Touch up any areas of paint and glitter as needed. Cut strips of black adhesive felt into a scalloped border with scissors. Apply the border to the edges of the Smoothfoam dics. Apply a line of hot glue to the top edge of each Smoothfoam disc and apply google eyes to the entire edge of each Smoothfoam disc. Use a heat gun to remove any glue gun strings on the cupcake holder. Add cupcakes and enjoy!

Smoothfoam Halloween CupCake Stand by Jennifer Priest of hydrangeahippo

Vintage-Style Sequin Jack-O-Lantern

smoothfoam sequin jackolantern Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons. ~ Jim Bishop

This project is a tribute to my grandma who loved to make fancy ornaments by pushing a few sequins and pins into a Smoothfoam ball. Why keep this technique for just Christmas crafts? Time to dust it off for Halloween!

2″ Smoothfoam ball
Orange acrylic paint
Sponge brush
Pencil, thimble
Assorted cup sequins (I used medium/large sizes of gold and all sizes of blue)
4mm orange seed beads
Size 11 orange seed beads
Straight pins
Large green glass bead and size 11 green seed bead

1.  Stick a toothpick into the base of the ball to be your handle and paint one layer of orange. Allow to dry, then paint a second layer and let dry.

2.  Lightly pencil in the face of your Jack-o-Lantern on the ball and fill in with blue sequins, pressed into the ball with pins. If your fingers begin to hurt, use a thimble to help you push in the pins.

3.  To fill the rest of the ball, starting at the center seam line. Pick up a small seed bead, then the larger seed bead,  then a gold sequin with your pin and push the pin into the ball. Work around the ball in rows to fill the bottom half, then the top half, slightly overlapping the sequins as you go.  Leave the very bottom of the ball empty, so the pumpkin won’t roll.

4.  When you get tot the top of the pumpkin, add a green stem by picking up a small green seed bead and a large cut glass bead on a pin and push it into position.


Burlap Pumpkin Door Banner

Smoothfoam Burlap Pumpkin Door Banner


8” Smoothfoam half-ball
AdTech hot glue gun & extra strength glue sticks
Rit Dye – Tangerine, Apple Green
Burlap fabric (approximately 1/4” yard)
3” burlap ribbon with black stitching
Jute twine, jute rope
Bamboo stick
Westcott Craft Titanium Non-Stick Scissors and Titanium Hobby Knife
Self-Healing Cutting Mat, foam brush
DecoArt Americana Acrylics – Jack-O-Lantern Orange


1.  Cut off a half-circle approximately 3” x 4” from one side of the Smoothfoam half ball with the craft knife, and a half-circle at the opposite end, approximately 1” x 3”.

2.  Paint the half-ball orange and let dry.

3.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to dye the burlap in Tangerine.

4. Cut the burlap into 2” x 12” strips. Beginning on the edge with the 1” x 3” cut, glue burlap strips over the curved edge of half-ball, extending out over the top . Do not glue the burlap to the top of the ball – let it extend off.

5.  Continue gluing strips of orange burlap, overlapping each other, until surface of ball is covered.

6.  Cut a 4″ x 6″piece of burlap and loosely roll it to create a stem for the pumpkin, about 1” in diameter. Cut three 3” x 4” leaves from burlap. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to dye the leaves, stem, a 10” piece of jute rope, and jute twine in Apple Green.

7.  Center and glue the stem to the top of the pumpkin, to the extended burlap pieces.  The orange burlap will hold the stem in place – it is not glue to the ball.

8.  Glue the jute rope vine to the top of the pumpkin, extending from stem.

9.  Glue the leaves to the vine – one at the end, one at the stem and one in the center of vine.

10.  Add the dyed jute twine coils to vine, gluing to the pumpkin as needed to create small dimensional curls.

11.  Cut 3 strips of burlap ribbon 20” long.  Fold over an inch at the top edges of each and glue to create a loop. Slide the ribbons on to the bamboo stick. Cut the center ribbon 2” shorter than the left and right ribbons. Trim dovetail ends on each ribbon. Tie a length of jute twine on the stick ends to hang.

12.  Center and glue the pumpkin to ribbons.



Chicken in a Pot Centerpiece


A few months ago, I made one of my all-time favorite Smoothfoam projects – a little orange tree topiary. I have it sitting on my desk and one day, I realized that it reminded me of a chicken. With just a few changes, I took that tree design and adapted it to make this fun little mama chicken running around with her chicks.

Three 1-1/2” Smoothfoam balls
One 3” Smoothfoam ball
One 4” Smoothfoam ball
One 4″ Smoothfoam cube
One 6″ Smoothfoam disc
Ceramic flower pot
1/4″ aluminum tubing (found in the plumbing section of the hardware store)
Acrylic paints – red, orange, dark yellow, ochre
Craft foam sheets – red, orange, yellow
Hot Wire Foam Factory Sculpting Tool
Westcott Non-Stick Scissors/ Kraft Knife
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Scribbles 3D Dimensional Paint – Bright Orange
Elmer’s Painters paint pens – black, orange
Metal shears, wire cutters
Paint brushes, plastic plate
Wood skewers

1.  Glue the Smoothfoam cube into the bottom of the ceramic pot. Use the sculpting tool to trim the Smoothfoam disc to fit inside the ceramic pot on top of the cube.Chicken-in-a-Pot-by-Carmen-Flores-Tanis

2.  Paint the disc ochre. When dry, press it into the pot on top of the cube. Doodle some flourishes on the top of the disc with Scribbles.

3.  Using the skewers as handles, paint the three 1-1/2″ balls dark yellow, the 3″ ball orange, and the 4″ ball red. Let dry.

4.  The pre-drilled pilot hole in the 3″ orange ball will become the chicken’s neck. With this in mind, carve a diamond-shaped groove into the ball (for the mouth) with the craft knife. Cut two triangles from the yellow craft foam for the beak.


5.  Cut a comb and waddle from the red craft foam, two wings and tail feathers from the orange, and two feet from the yellow. Carve corresponding grooves for each shape into the orange and red balls. Note – the pilot hole in the red ball should point straight down as this will become the hole for one of the legs.


6.  Cut a 6″  length of aluminum tubing for the first leg, insert it into the center of the disc in the pot and secure with glue. Poke a hole in one of the yellow foam feet and slide it onto the tubing. Fit the hole in the red ball onto the tubing. Cut a 4″ length of aluminum tubing for the neck. Fit it into the hole in the orange ball and poke the free end of the tubing into the red ball to attach the head to the body. Cut a 6″ length of aluminum tubing for the second leg and bend it into a gentle “S” shape. Poke one end into the red body and glue the second yellow foot into the other end of the tubing.

7.  Fit all the foam pieces into the grooves of each ball as shown and secure with glue.

8.  Add detailing to the eyes and beak with the black paint pen. Draw faces on the small orange balls to make the chicks. When dry, add the chicks to the ceramic pot.