Beaded Keychain


“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”  —Bill Cosby

My house has been in one stage of repair or another for weeks on end. I had a new door installed with new locks and needed a key chain for them. I found a broken key chain and used the bits from it to make this colorful eye-catching beaded version. The mini Smoothfoam balls make perfect giant beads without adding weight – the bigger the keychain, the less likely we lose our keys!

smoothfoam beaded keychain

You will need:

One 1″ Smoothfoam ball
6″ length of 7-strand beading wire
Two #2 crimp beads
6 round glass beads, 1 teardrop glass bead
Keychain clasp (remove chain)
Acrylic paint
Toothpick, ruler
Knitting needle or awl
Crimping pliers
Wire cutters

1.  Use the knitting needle or awl to punch though the pilot hole of the ball to turn it into a bead.

2.  Push a toothpick into the hole to act as a handle as you paint the ball with 2-3 coats; allow each coat to dry first.

3.  Attach the keyring to the beading wire by threading the wire through a crimping bead, then through the base of the keyring, and then back through the crimp bead again, leaving just a short tail. Use the crimping pliers to secure the bead on the wire and trim off the tail.

4.  Thread on 5 of the glass beads, then the Smoothfoam ball, followed by another glass bead, a crimp bead, and finally the teardrop bead. Push the wire back up through the crimp bead and pull the wire taught. Crimp and trim away excess wire.

TIP:  Smoothfoam will float in water.  So if you need your keys to float, use more Smoothfoam balls and fewer decorative beads. Perfect for summer boat trips!


Bunny Door Hanger

There is a new addition to our family, a sweet baby girl. Her nursery has a bunny theme with gray walls and pink accents. Since her bedroom door is often closed while she is napping, I decided to create a “somebunny special” DIY bunny door hanger with a Smoothfoam hollow half-ball. Use pins instead of glue to attach the hat – then you can easily change the hat for each season or holiday. Learn how to make this Easter door hanger craft below.

Smoothfoam bunny door hanger

You will need:
8” Smoothfoam hollow half-ball
9” x 12” Kunin Classic Felt – 1 Classic Pink, 1 Candy Pink
18” x 22-½” Kunin Plushfelt – white
2/3 yard white ribbon
2-1/2” black buttons
Straw hat
Scissors, ruler, pencil, paper
Straight pins, blush
Low-temp hot glue gun

1.  Draw or trace a 12” circle on the back of the Plushfelt and cut it out.

2. Draw or trace an 8-10″ long bunny ear shape (as shown below) on to paper to make a pattern and cut out. Trace the ear pattern twice on to the pink felt and twice on to the white plush felt and cut out. Glue the wrong side of the plush felt to pink felt for each ear.

smoothfoam bunny parts3.  Center the half-ball, hollow side up, on the wrong side of the plush felt circle. Bring one side of the plush felt up over edge of the ball and glue into place, then bring the opposite side up to glue. Repeat for the other two opposite sides. For the remaining felt in between, gather it evenly and glue it in place to cover the half-ball.

smoothfoam bunny head
4. Glue on buttons for eyes and trim a rounded triangle from the candy pink felt for the nose and glue in place. Blush the cheeks. Pinch the tops of each ear and glue to each side of the head.

5.  Pin or glue the hat to the top of the head. Glue each end of a ribbon on either side, under hat band, for hanging on a door knob.


Make a Travel Sewing Kit with a Pincushion

Summer time is travel time where anything can happen, from a button falling off an outfit to a tote strap coming undone. Store-bought sewing kits often don’t have all the supplies you need – make your own sewing kit from an upcycled tin! The top of the lid is a pincushion and it’s magnetized underneath so you won’t lose your pins and needles. Fill it with emergency buttons and threads, embroidery supplies, or anything else you need for on-the-go sewing!

travel sewing kit pincushion

To make this travel sewing kit, you will need the following:

One 12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Page Mount
Empty gift card or mint tin
Cotton batting
Wide double-stick tape
Floral print fabric – small square
Thin magnet by the sheet
Dew Drops embellishments
Pen, scissors, craft knife
Craft glue, paint brush
Fine pink glitter

I chose to use a gift card tin because the larger size allowed small sewing scissors, but a mint tin will work for small sewing supplies, too!travel sewing kit

1. Trace the lid of your tin onto the cardstock, the Smoothfoam sheet and the magnet sheet. Cut out each shape, using a craft knife for the Smoothfoam.

 miter corner

2.  Cover one side of your Smoothfoam with the double-stick tape. Place some batting on the non-taped side, flip it upside down and position it in the center of your fabric, taped side facing up. Fold the fabric edges up on to the tape, tucking the batting under the Smoothfoam as you pull up the fabric. When you are done, place more tape on your cardstock and position it (sticky side down) on the folded fabric, pressing down to ensure the fabric is secure.

sewing kit upcycled tin

3.  Cover the llid of the tin with tape as shown, cover the sides as well.

embellish travel sewing kit

4.  Place cushion piece, cardstock side down on to the tin lid. Press firmly for a few seconds.

5.  Embellish the sides of the tin lid with Dew Drops.

glitter taped edge of tin

6.  Brush glitter on to the exposed areas of tape.

sewing kit magnet lid

7.  Glue the magnet piece to the inside of the lid. Fill tin with sewing essentials and enjoy!