Flip Flops


These colorful flip flops are the perfect decorating accent for summer. You can use them in a variety of ways – as a photo holder, a pincushion or as part of your pool party table décor.

smoothfoam Flip Flops

10” Smoothfoam disc
Orange craft foam sheet
2 sheets Kunin Printzfelt – 60’s Floral
8 neon orange chenille stems
Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint – Neon Pink
2 small neon pink pom-poms
Craft knife, wire cutters
Craft glue, hot glue
Pencil, scissors, sandpaper

1.  Draw or trace a flip flop pattern approximately 3″ x 7” long on to the Smoothfoam and cut out with a craft knife. Lightly sand the cut edges of the Smoothfoam to smooth as needed.

2. Trace and cut two more flip flops plus 1″ strips from the felt and adhere to the foam surface (top and sides) with craft glue.

3.  Hot glue the chenille stems around the edges as shown.

4.  Cut four ½” x 6” strips from the craft foam to use for the flip flop straps. Cut a slit in the top center of one shoe for the straps. Enlarge the slit with a craft stick so that the ends of the straps will fit inside snugly. Press the ends of both straps together into the slit with a little craft glue to secure. Cut the opposite ends of the straps diagonally and hot glue along each side of the flip flop. Repeat for the other flip flop.

5.  Cut two flowers from the remaining felt and embellish the edges with dimensional fabric paint, let dry. Cut two more smaller flowers from the craft foam. Layer and glue a pair of flowers to each flip flip as shown. Glue pom poms to flower centers.


Moss Cube Vase


A Smoothfoam cube can be easily transformed into a unique textured vase for a spring arrangement. Remove the seasonal flowers and replace with succulents, a topiary, or flowers to celebrate the next season.



6” Smoothfoam cube
Craft knife
AdTech hot glue gun
Hot glue finger guards
Americana Acrylic Paint – Hauser Light Green
Reindeer moss

1.  Hollow out the center of cube approximately 1/2” from all edges with craft knife.  Continuing removing inside of cube until the opening is about 4” deep.

2.  Paint all sides, top and bottom green and let dry .


3.  You’ill need to work fairly quickly for this next step, one small section at a time. Put on the finger guard and spread hot glue on the cube. Then quickly add some moss on top of the hot glue. Repeat until outside of cube is covered.


4.  Place your floral arrangement inside and you’re done!


4th of July Wreath


I wanted a new wreath for my front door that would work from Memorial Day through to the 4th of July. While I know the general color scheme is red, white and blue, I wanted a bit of subtle sparkle, so I went with red, light blue and silver. This DIY 4th of July wreath makes the ideal Independence Day decoration, but can be easily altered for numerous holidays.

smoothfoam fourth july wreath


Ten 1.5″ Smoothfoam balls
24″ length of 20 gauge silver wire
Ten 12″ lengths of 1/2″ silver lamé ribbon
1 yard of 2″ double-faced red satin ribbon
Acrylic paints – red, light blue
2 sponge brushes
Needle-nose pliers, wire cutters

1.  Poke a hole through each ball with the skewer (to turn it into a bead), then poke a toothpick into each ball.  This will be your handle to hold the ball while you paint it.

2.  Paint 5 balls with red paint and 5 balls with light blue. Press each toothpick into a piece of cardboard or scrap foam to let the balls dry. Repeat with second and third coats of paint to get a nice, smooth finish.

3.  Thread the balls on to the long wire, alternating the red and blue. Gently bend the wire into a circular shape, twist the ends together and form a loop at the end with the pliers.

4.  Tie each 12″ silver ribbon into a bow around the wire between each ball.

5.  Tie the red ribbon into a large bow and attach to the top of the wreath with a twist-tie.

Tissue Paper American Flag


Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be here as a new designer for the Smoothfoam blog!

With school getting out in a few short weeks, I thought it would be fun to get a head start on summer home décor! This tissue paper American flag is reminiscent of the crafts we all did as kids.



You will need:

6″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheet
Red, white and blue tissue papers
Pencil with a new eraser
Washi tape
Pinking shears, ruler, pen
Ribbon or cord for hanging
Craft glue


Processed with Moldiv


1.  Use your ruler to draw a line 1/2″ from the edge of the Smoothfoam sheet. Press the side of the ruler deep into the line to create a groove. Add a line of glue into the groove and place your cord on top. When the glue is dry, cover the length of the groove with a strip of washi tape.

2.  Flip the sheet over and draw a rough sketch of your flag, using the ruler to make the stripes. Draw small circles where the stars are to be.


Processed with Moldiv


3.  Cut and fold your tissue paper into long 2-1/2″ wide strips, then cut into 2″ squares with the pinking shears.

4.  Working in sections, spread some glue onto the Smoothfoam sheet. Place the pencil eraser in the center of two tissue squares and pull the tissues tight around the pencil. Press the covered pencil down onto the glue. Push gently, then twist the pencil to release it from the tissue. Wipe away any glue that gets on the eraser with a damp towel.


4Watermarked Photo


5.  As you work, gently push back the tissue so you can see where the next piece goes. When you are finished and the glue is dry, gently fluff the tissue papers.


Upcycled Mosaic Mirror Gazing Ball



I love the sparkle and pop of a good 4th of July party! But I like my decorations to have more life than just one holiday, once a year. This upcycled mosaic mirror gazing ball is a perfect way to “spark” up your décor for a 4th of July party, kick off graduation night, or just add a bit of sass to any room. And it’s easy and lightweight, too!



Smoothfoam 8″ ball (two half-balls)
Silver craft paint
Foam paint brush
Hot glue gun
12-15 old CDs
Westcott Titanium-Bonded Scissors


1.  Adhere two Smoothfoam half-balls together with hot glue. If you plan to hang this ball, insert a length of string between the two halves before gluing together.

2.  Paint the ball with silver paint and allow to dry.

3.  Cut old CDs into squares. Westcott Titanium Scissors work the best – a paper trimmer will not work.

4.  Glue the squares onto the ball. Use a heat gun to melt away any glue strings left on the ball.


Faux Succulent Bowl Garden

Faux Succulent Bowl Garden

I don’t know about you, but I’m madly in love with succulents these days. The only problem is that my house doesn’t have a lot of light due to lots of trees and deep eaves.

That low light issue has always made it hard to have plants indoors.

But I’ve found a way to add succulents without killing them with this Faux Succulent Garden Bowl. This DIY succulent bowl is an easy way to add a little green to darker interiors!


Jute rope (I got mine at Lowe’s)
12″ Smoothfoam half-ball
10″ Smoothfoam disc
Hot glue
Aquarium gravel
Faux succulents
Hot wire cutting tool

Faux Succulent Bowl Garden

1.  Use the hot wire cutting tool to remove a small amount of the bottom of the hollow ball so that the bowl will sit flat.

2.  To cover the hollow half ball in jute rope, begin about 2″ down inside the bowl and glue one end in place. Wrap the bowl in a spiral pattern up to the rim, over the rim, and then down to the bottom.

3.  Place the disc inside the bowl and glue it in place. You may have to cut it if it won’t fit down inside the bowl.

4.  Arrange the succulents in a pleasing manner and glue in place.

5.  Add aquarium gravel just to cover the disc and any bit of the inside of the bowl that shows.