Valentine topiary


This sweet Valentine topiary is an easy-to-make accent for your home or it would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for a friend too!

smoothfoam valentine topiary

You will need:

5″ Smoothfoam cube
Smoothfoam heart (any size)
Red self-adhesive glitter craft foam sheets
8″ dowel
2″ white craft foam hearts
Red ¼” wide ribbon
Red shredded paper or mylar
White silk flowers
Pink dimensional heart stickers
Silver sequins
Sequin pins
Cool-temp glue gun
Skewer or knitting needle

1.  Cut out five 4” squares of red glitter craft foam. Glue one square to each side and top of the Smoothfoam cube, then glue layered white and pink craft foam hearts to the center of each side.

2.  Cover the surface of the heart with small, white flowers  – attach with a pin through a silver sequin at the center of each flower. If you don’t have a readymade Smoothfoam heart, you can cut a heart shape out of a Smoothfoam sheet.

3.  Use a skewer or knitting needle to carefully make pilot holes in the center top of the cube and in the bottom of the heart. Push one end of the dowel down into the top of the cube then push the bottom of the heart down on to the opposite end of the dowel.

4.  Wrap the exposed part of the dowel with about a yard of red ribbon and glue each end to secure.  OPTION:  Use a red paint marker to color the dowel before inserting into the Smoothfoam.

5.  Tie a small bunch of red shreds together at the center with some ribbon, then tie the bunch around the dowel at the base of the heart. Bring the ends of the ribbon together at the front and tie a bow. Trim the tails as needed.