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Styrofoam Shapes


Hello, and welcome to our website. We are excited about some of our new items. Our new Mega Volcano is a favorite for kids. It is quick and easy to build, paint, and erupt. We are also excited about our new Ruled Foam Wreaths. Design is easy and our wreaths won't crack like the extruded wreaths do! Be sure to click on the links to the blog, Facebook page or Pinterest page for hundreds of designs and techniques. Browse our wide selection of foam craft shapes, including foam balls, cubes, and more!

Smoothfoam Mega Volcano
Styrofoam Sheets

What is Smoothfoam?

Smoothfoam is our brand name for molded EPS or Expandable Polystyrene. It is a smooth, closed cell foam, most commonly referred to as smooth Styrofoam ®. It is molded from tiny beads into many shapes like polystyrene balls, bells, eggs, miniature fruit shapes and more. Because of its smooth surface it is excellent for painting. It is also very durable, making it great for projects requiring pins or glue.

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